Weekly Sprint 3 & 4

For this weeks sprint I have finished working on the grid UI “midi sequencer” that is the main part of my project. In order to complete this I used some old code I had from a project where I built a drum sequencer in Max. This code consisted of a metronome object that led to a series of buttons that when pressed would play a midi drum sound in time with whatever tempo the metronome was set to. I was able to switch out the drum midi sounds with a sound wave set to a certain frequency so that it would play on whatever button was pressed (screenshots to come in the future). My next step is to try and figure out how to make the functionality for creating sustained notes. I’m anticipating this stage of the project to be the most difficult but I think I am in a good place right now considering I am a week ahead of the schedule I set for myself.

I also started researching the companion app Mira that will allow me to open the Max patch on an iOS device. I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to use Mira and looked over some documentation on the official website for Max. Mira seems simple enough to use, there are several objects within Max that when placed into the patch will connect with the Mira app and show up on an iPad or iPhone. There is also touch gesture functionality built in to Mira that I can use to create the touch gestures in my app. I’ve also been researching ways to change the design of the default objects within Max to match my original color scheme and overall design of the UI. It turns out that there is an object in Max called a picture UI element that will allow me to use pictures to replace the default buttons so I can make the UI look more like it is in my wireframe mock-up.