Weekly Sprint 4

After finishing the main content of my database last week, my task for this week was to add some secondary content: the glossary. I wanted to add in a glossary that defines exactly what my tool does, and clears up some of the things that might be a bit ambiguous. In the glossary I defined what exactly each character type, plot type, and setting type means within the context of Fantasy Architect, as well as some famous examples of each type. Here’s what the glossary looks like:

I also added a spot on the navbar for the glossary. I also added links to each of the 3 Build pages that lead to the corresponding section on the glossary page.

Like always during my work, I found something else to work on besides my main goal for the week. As I was testing out the glossary page using Chrome’s dev tools, I noticed that the responsiveness on smaller devices (namely 768px and below) was a bit off. I know this is definitely something I should have checked up on earlier, but prior to this I was satisfied with how the site looked on mobile and was happy with Bootstrap’s default media queries. I decided to add in my own custom media queries to ensure full responsiveness on all devices, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Here’s how the glossary page looked previously on mobile:

Here’s how it looked after adding custom media queries:

Here’s how the site looked previously on a tablet-sized device:

And here’s how it looks now, with custom queries:

For next week, I plan on starting the art. I want to finish the art for the Home page and the Character page. I think art will make the site seem more content-rich and professional.

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