Weekly Sprint 8

Lately, I have actually been in a pretty good mood, despite the ever-present nagging of the Senior Showcase deadline. Just about four weeks left. Usually, thinking about the showcase leads me to think about how much more work I have to do for it, which then leads me to think about how I will most likely never get anything done and, ultimately, leaves me spiraling into a self-loathing pit of despair. Despite my over-dramatic tendencies and apocalyptic perspectives, for once I feel as though I am in a good place with my project. The other day, I even opted to give my friends a little preview of what I have been doing, even though they have been asking to see my project all semester long. Originally, I didn’t even want to show them, and I pleaded with them to not come to the showcase. Baby steps. Even so, my over-cautiousness keeps me looking over my shoulder waiting for some disaster to strike because everything is actually going well. Maybe, too well…

Nevertheless, with this week crossed off in my red pleather planner, I checked several more items off my to-do list. I pretty much finished cutting up my designs into separate PNG elements for use in the augmented reality overlays. I just need to make some adjustments to the layouts to ensure visibility of the information. I also printed out small thumbnails of the images that I will be printing out in large format for the showcase in order to test the augmented overlays on print rather than just on the screen. I am pleased to say that the prints seem to work! The type, however, is a little difficult to read with the small thumbnails, but I expect that this problem will resolve itself once I print the images in a larger size. The tracking in the Blippar app is amazing, as my overlays stay on the image despite the print’s movement. Because I am planning to hang my designs on the wall in my assigned room, I shouldn’t have to worry about movement regardless, but it is always a nice feature to have.

Still on my to-do list for the upcoming weeks are as follows: cutting together veteran interviews, putting the audio within the augmented reality overlays, buying materials for mounting, and, oh yeah, printing. That last one terrifies me. Printing is no doubt going to cost a pretty penny, so I want to hold off on printing until everything is absolutely perfect. I am planning on bringing in my thumbnails to class on Wednesday so that I can show my classmates what I have so far and they can play around with the Blippar app. I am not sure if there is more time for another formal critique, but I am just looking for some opinions on the designs and the information.

Here are some of the designs, with their respective codes for the Blippar app if anyone would like to test what I have so far. Blippar is free to download, so feel free to take a look! Just keep in mind that there are still a few adjustments that I have to make. Typing in the code for each design is annoying, but once the designs are live, they shouldn’t require codes.

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