Weekly Sprint #8: Video Content

During this week’s sprint, I spent most of my time incorporating video content into the FoldFeed interface. I am interested in focusing more on the educational aspects of the project, so I am trying to emphasize video tutorials and related content. To do so, I developed dynamically-generated video pages which pull content from the original posts. Instead of posting photos and videos separately, the user can simply input the YouTube video ID once in the photo post. The ID is then used to retrieve the video thumbnail and responsively embed the video on a separate video page. Users can like and comment on video posts just as they would on standard photo posts.

Screenshot of the new video page.

I also spent part of the week researching better methods for form validation. Instead of using basic HTML5 client-side data validation, I have been looking into more robust means of data validation using React and Angular. I have already incorporated data validation with React for the account creation process, but I was curious to try it with Angular. I personally found it much easier to validate data with Angular.

Data validation tests with Angular.
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