Weekly Sprint 9

This week I continued working on the long press functionality to create accidentals. I found that this process is taking longer than I expected. Originally I wanted to use the mouse state object function to determine where my would be in relation to the button that was pressed on the grid. From there it would either move the midi note associated with that button up or down a half step. One thing that I realized is that this will not work with the Mira companion app for the obvious reason that the mouse state object won’t work when there is no mouse. I’ve decided instead to make the function time based instead of position based so that it can work on both desktop and mobile. I’ve also solved the block I had talked about last week where the sequencer became monophonic. That was because I was feeding every row into one single wave generator so I could use one single envelope control. To solve this I just reverted back to using multiple wave generators but then feeding them to one envelope controller so the sound for all of them can be changed at once. Even though experimenting with the long press functionality is taking longer than I had anticipated, I still feel that I can figure it out by next class (especially if I am using time duration instead of mouse state objects) where I will present my project to get feedback.

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