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Co-Work in a Virtual Coffee Shop With Real People!

Immersed Debuts Virtual Co-working!

We at Immersed are announcing the newest addition to our multi-monitor VR app, Virtual Co-Working. Remote professionals can now work in a virtual coffee shop (and other virtual co-working spaces) with thousands of other remote workers all around the world!

Co-working removes the isolating nature of working from home by enabling people to be remote together, increasing quality of life, mental stamina, and overall well-being. Users can also add others they meet online to their friends-list and can join their private co-working sessions too. Users will be able to share music, talk, and share screens when needed like they do in-person, but now in the comfort of their own home!

Keys are distributed for the Immersed VR app through our website:

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RaMarcus’ review of Immersed

“Yup — using Immersed has significantly changed my computing workflow forever. First on the [Oculus] Go, and now on the Quest — and is the primary reason I own either of these headsets, let alone both. As a full-time remote worker, it has been the most significant upgrade to my process since getting an office with a door, and the increase in productivity cannot be overstated.” -PTom

Doing work in low-Earth orbit in Immersed.

Other features in Immersed include multiple virtual monitors, sharing screens, remote whiteboarding, compelling environments, and much more! No matter if you’re on your couch, your porch, or in the airport, you can bring your portable workplace with you on the go!

Immersed’s new coffee shop environment.

Try Virtual Co-Working today!

Immersed went through Techstars in 2017 and has raised ~$1M in venture capital to build the future of work, where employees can live anywhere on Earth but still collaborate with their remote team as if they were together in person.



VR Offices: Spawn 5 Virtual Screens in your VR workspace, or collab with your remote team!

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