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Creating a Sustainable Future for the Future of Work

A plan for staying alive to support users, then thrive to build their future.

“Why are you charging?!”

This is a common question we receive from new users. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want free stuff?
But unfortunately, to keep Immersed running and growing with many of the features that you all have come to know and love, we need to move to a pricing structure.
While transitioning some features to paid tiers, we’ve decided that we will always have a free tier available that is comparable to (or even better than) other solutions out there. Better yet, if we are able to ramp up Enterprise revenue to financially sustain our team, we’d love to make the consumer product even less expensive, if not free!

The final decision to purchase is ultimately yours. You work hard for your money. ;) We hope you love the product we’ve built thus far and consider Immersed valuable enough to support us as we continue to build you an awesome product for years to come. ❤

Use Immersed to work with multiple screens from anywhere!

The Breakdown

The Basic Plan (free)

This plan enables you to stream your main display wirelessly into VR (comparable to BigScreen but faster, or comparable to Virtual Desktop but free + an additional virtual monitor). Immersed works on Mac, PC, and Linux, unlike any other product on the market.

The Elite Plan ($14.99/month)

This plan enables you to stream multiple virtual screens (on PC & Mac, with Linux coming soon). Our users enjoy staying portable and not having to bring extra hardware with them as they move from the desk, to the couch, to the porch, to the airport, etc. So, we spent a lot of time and resources to develop virtual displays and have finally made it available to you all, unlike any other product out there! :)

“Can I pay MORE one-time for Elite instead of the subscription?”

We continuously support Immersed and release new features every week (and will be revamping the entire UI/UX). Immersed doesn’t function like Microsoft Office where they release different copies of the product only once each year, requiring a one-time-buy per license. But, if a user prefers the Microsoft Office model, there’s the annual Elite subscription, so we don’t have to frequently charge your card. It also gives you 2 months free (17% off)!

The Teams Plan ($29.99/user/month)

You get everything included in the Elite plan, while supporting way more users, and including all the features they would need to work together effectively at a larger scale. This includes User-Access Management, Web Mode (for teammates who don’t get own VR headsets), Presentation Mode, Customizable Floorplans, and other Enterprise workflows! Contact us if you’re interested in being a pilot team!

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Try Immersed Elite today!





VR Offices: Spawn 5 Virtual Screens in your VR workspace, or collab with your remote team!

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Renji Bijoy

Renji Bijoy

CEO/CTO @ Immersed [Techstars ‘17], Georgia Tech A.I. Master’s Graduate