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Linux + Mac + PC Compatibility!

Linux screens in VR now available in Immersed!

Linux Features

  1. All users will experience the same imperceptible latency as its PC and Mac counterparts.
  2. Hardware encoding is in place to minimize CPU/GPU usage.
  3. Multi-monitors are available in VR as one large screen.
Cross-platform collab session!


  1. Ubuntu (V16.04+) with an X64 CPU is supported.
  2. Computers with an NVIDIA GPU or an Intel CPU are eligible for hardware encoding.

Coming Soon

  1. Individual controls for multiple monitors will soon be released so that each screen can be resized and positioned within VR.
  2. Virtual monitor functionality will be added (also with individual controls) to remove all limitations on physical monitors.
  3. A lightweight version with Raspberry Pi compatibility.
  4. Audio pass-through to your Quest/Go from your Linux machine.

Linux users, your opportunity to be remote together is finally here. Visit to get started!



VR Offices: Spawn 5 Virtual Screens in your VR workspace, or collab with your remote team!

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