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Multiple Monitors in VR!

Virtual Monitors

To get multiple monitors into VR with no extra hardware, you now can try the Virtual Displays feature that is included with Immersed Elite! This will enable you to merely carry your laptop and VR headset with you wherever you go, while also still having access to multiple monitors in VR!
NOTE: This feature is currently only available on PC & Mac for now.

How to enable Virtual Displays on PC (w/ Immersed Elite).
How to enable Virtual Displays on Mac (w/ Immersed Elite).
5 PORTABLE monitors for your computer, simultaneously!

Vertical Screens!

Vertical screens are perfect for reading walls of text (ie., our team actually codes all day on vertical monitors in VR)! If you’re using physical monitors, just go to your System Preferences > Display Settings on your MacBook and rotate the desired monitor(s) to 90 degrees (as seen below).​

Our team is working very hard to provide a solution that will really streamline your work productivity, so we really appreciate your candid feedback! You can easily access the Immersed Community by clicking the Immersed icon in your top menu bar and selecting Get Help > Immersed Community Support.

Thank you again!
The Immersed Team​




VR Offices: Spawn 5 Virtual Screens in your VR workspace, or collab with your remote team!

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Renji Bijoy

Renji Bijoy

CEO/CTO @ Immersed [Techstars ‘17], Georgia Tech A.I. Master’s Graduate