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No More Subscriptions!

🚀 The Rise of the Virtual World 🌎

Ready Player One depicts the merging of the real and virtual worlds.

A Metaverse for the Masses

Time Magazine, The New Yorker, and many other publications have written about how users work 40+ hrs/week in VR using Immersed!

But more than just working in VR, people want to build businesses in the metaverse, employ people in the metaverse, and provide goods/services to transact with each other in the metaverse, especially as more appealing headsets are released in the coming year.

Now in partnership with the top tech giants who are releasing the next wave of thin-visor VR headsets, Immersed has decided to step away from the typical “Web SaaS” approach for monetization (monthly subscription model), making the vast majority of our features completely free in order to remove any barrier to adoption for users.

Apple’s Thin Visor Headset

Immersed is in the process of releasing a marketplace in which users can purchase the digital goods that they want instead of being locked into a specific pricing tier (ie., new environments, decor, avatar flair, etc.), which will be our longer-term strategy for monetization.

We’ve temporarily named the tiers puns from Ready Player One (“Builders”, “Gunters”, &“Sixers”) to shift the mentality of our current user base away from the mere “screens in VR” app that Immersed has historically been, to more of a general “productive metaverse” app that includes computing utility (having your laptops, smartphones, and tablets in VR, regardless of what you’re doing in our metaverse). In the next couple of months, we will be doing away with our Pricing page altogether, as everything will be served in-app via Immersed’s Marketplace.

How This Affects Current Paying Customers

For those who’ve been faithful to financially support Immersed through the years via the Immersed Elite tier, they will automatically be rolled up into the same tier as the feature-set that enterprise companies have access to (Sixers tier, formerly known as Teams tier) at no additional cost. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all for all of the support thus far in this journey! 🙏🏽



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Renji Bijoy

CEO/CTO @ Immersed [Techstars ‘17], Georgia Tech A.I. Master’s Graduate