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Reassembling Pangea

The Disease That is Politics

In today’s overwhelming political climate, there are so many issues we face as a species, it’s become rather difficult to navigate the stormy seas. Global warming is an undeniable threat, changing the literal landscape of our planet. With tensions rising and social media providing easily accessible forums for debates on all things political, a wave of technology has managed to slip by the majority unnoticed. The tides of change have long been upon us. Innovation itself has brought these changes, and the only way to survive is to continue to innovate and adapt! Rather than preparing themselves for the future and embracing these changes, there are a large number of people who both knowingly and unknowingly fight against progress, clinging to an outdated world.

Let’s Be Real..

Those who focus on immigration as a negative trend and a threat to any nation’s economy is deeply missing the bigger picture. New immigration laws aim to ‘protect’ jobs and local businesses from foreign workers. The real issues and questions that come with the increase in telecommuting revolve around the definition of a nation. If everyone can travel and work remotely from any location on the globe, people will inevitably move away from countries in which there is high taxation and/or unfavorable weather. It’s not just among the upper echelons of our society. There has already been a exponential growth in the numbers of people who have cancelled their US citizenship for this reason. 2017. Record Number Renounce U.S. Citizenship in 2016. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 September 2017].

At this rate, skilled workers and professionals will be completely mobile, and a huge number of people will no longer be paying taxes to the US government. Not only for the US.. this will ultimately shatter any country’s economy from which there is a vast emigration. Taxes aside, if there ceases to be a notion in which anyone is tied down to a country, how do we define boundaries and groups within the global workforce? Disagree? Let’s take a stroll back through history…

Resistant Progress

Throughout history, major technological changes have been met with resistance and fear. We recall the outrage and fear as outsourcing boomed in the 90’s with the advent of the internet. Today we’ve arrived at the next big boom, which is the current trend of working remotely, or telecommuting. Both outsourcing and telecommuting were enabled by new technologies at the given time. The current trend of telecommuting is now accelerating beyond just the internet and conference calls. With advances in the realm of virtual reality continuing to grow, there is an undeniable shift towards a fully remote global workforce.

The Year of VR is Upon Us!

Let’s fast forward to next year. 2018 will be the year of VR. Here at Immersed, we are working on creating a solution that will allow everyone to be realistically present in virtual reality. Immersed aims to completely eliminate the last remaining boundaries and transition the outdated office workforce to the next generation remote powerhouse.

In some companies, working remotely is almost frowned upon, which is just one more example of a resistance to progress. However, once a majority of the management and business professionals transition to VR, remote workers will officially become first class corporate citizens. The remote powerhouse will hugely influence corporate culture. They will make decisions around logistics, office space rentals and HR policies. If you follow this trend, you will see that outsourcing and remote work are just results of advancements in technology. If we compare this trend of remote work with the wave of changes in immigration laws driven by protectionism, there is an obvious disconnect.

Immigration laws are a tool to fight progress. This tool will become less relevant in the next five years, as people become more comfortable working in virtual reality. There will be no more geographical or economical borders. The workforce will be 100% global. Competition will no longer be limited by man-made borders.

The waters are rising fast, and the shorelines continue to change, but we will bring Pangea back together. I am ready for this revolution! Are you?



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