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The World’s 1st Professional Metaverse

🚀 Own vProperty in Immersed’s Virtual Manhattan! 🌎

Working in VR 40+hrs per week!

Users work in Mixed Reality using Immersed 40–50hrs each week!
  1. Why Us? 🤔
  2. Our Vision of the Metaverse 🥽
  3. 🚨 How To Buy vProperty 💰
  4. What To Do With vProperty 💡
  5. Appendix: Whitepaper 📝

Why Us?

  1. 📈 Partnered with tech giants in AR/VR rolling out to millions of users!
Immersed featured at Meta (Facebook)’s annual conference!
See the full video here!
Click ^this image to read team descriptions!

Our Vision of the Metaverse

See the Youtube description to skim through the questions in ^this video.

🚨How To Buy vProperty in vManhattan💰

  1. Have your credit/debit card ready to pay with MoonPay (instructions here).
    OR purchase enough ETH (see pricing below). See your methods of transferring additional cash to your Coinbase account here (make sure to transfer your ETH to your Coinbase Wallet.)
Prices listed here^.
🚨 MAKE SURE you’re purchasing from Immersed’s verified OpenSea account.

🧠 What To Do With vProperty

🌎 Virtual Real Estate (vProperty) To Build On

Click Here to Learn How Immersed’s vProperty Works 🗺

An example of what Immersed’s vProperty Deeds look like on OpenSea.

YOUR First Metaverse Venture



VR Offices: Spawn 5 Virtual Screens in your VR workspace, or collab with your remote team!

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Renji Bijoy

CEO/CTO @ Immersed [Techstars ‘17], Georgia Tech A.I. Master’s Graduate