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The World’s 1st Professional Metaverse

🚀 Own vProperty in Immersed’s Virtual Manhattan! 🌎

Working in VR 40+hrs per week!

Time Magazine, The New Yorker, Wired, & Fortune covered how users work 40+ hrs/week in VR using Immersed!
Now, we want to let people build businesses & employ others in the metaverse in order to transact goods & services with each other, making Immersed the world’s 1st professional metaverse economy!

Users work in Mixed Reality using Immersed 40–50hrs each week!
  1. Why Us? 🤔
  2. Our Vision of the Metaverse 🥽
  3. 🚨 How To Buy vProperty 💰
  4. What To Do With vProperty 💡
  5. Appendix: Whitepaper 📝

Why Us?

There are a lot of virtual/gaming economies out there. Why ours is different:

  1. 📈 Partnered with tech giants in AR/VR rolling out to millions of users!
Immersed featured at Meta (Facebook)’s annual conference!

2. 🔥 Immersed is a TOP-rated app on the Oculus Store, & the only VR app that people work in 40–50hrs/week!

See the full video here!

3.⚡Also partnered with Polygon, Republic, EveryRealm, Ready Player Me, which are some of the top giants in Web3!
Read the exciting announcement here!

4.🤓 Not only are we doxxed, but we’re also the strongest team for the job.
Renji (CEO) was nominated Forbes 30 Under 30, & the team is from Google, Facebook, YC, MIT, & top Andreessen-Horowitz-backed startups.

Click ^this image to read team descriptions!

5. 🚀 Went through Techstars in 2017 (top 0.1% of startups worldwide!) and raised $12M to date! (broke 2 crowdfunding campaign world-records, 3500 supportive investors, etc.).

6. 🗺 Immersed’s vManhattan was the #1 NFT Utility on OpenSea at launch (sold ~$900k of vProperty at the time).

7.👨🏽‍💼 Covered in Time Magazine, The New Yorker, Wired, Fortune, and other top publications!

Our Vision of the Metaverse

Watch this interview about what we believe the metaverse really is, how Immersed is the strongest player for it, and how YOU play an essential role.
See the
Youtube description to skim through the questions in this video:

See the Youtube description to skim through the questions in ^this video.

🚨How To Buy vProperty in vManhattan💰

If you don’t already have a crypto wallet, open a Coinbase Wallet by following these steps.
(Coinbase is simple for people new to crypto, but you can use other wallets too.)

  1. Have your credit/debit card ready to pay with MoonPay (instructions here).
    OR purchase enough ETH (see pricing below). See your methods of transferring additional cash to your Coinbase account here (make sure to transfer your ETH to your Coinbase Wallet.)
Prices listed here^.

2. 🚨BUY from!
(login & connect your wallet to see the vProperties).

3. Want to re-sell to others who couldn’t get in as early?
🎥Video: How To Re-sell Your vProperty

🚨 BE CAREFUL OF SCAMS! Only buy vProperty through Immersed’s website & double-check that it’s our verified vProperty Deed before you buy!

🚨 MAKE SURE you’re purchasing from Immersed’s verified OpenSea account.

🧠 What To Do With vProperty

🌎 Virtual Real Estate (vProperty) To Build On

In the “gaming” metaverse, virtual lots have sold for millions each! These gaming-company market caps have skyrocketed into the dozens of billions!
With Immersed being the world’s 1st professional metaverse economy, you can finally stake your claim in a metaverse with true utility & longevity!

Click Here to Learn How Immersed’s vProperty Works 🗺

An example of what Immersed’s vProperty Deeds look like on OpenSea.

YOUR First Metaverse Venture

Next year, Immersed will be hosting a conference called ImmersedCon in Austin, TX to teach vProperty owners how to start their first venture in the metaverse (free access for Immersed vProperty holders).

🎤 ImmersedCon will consist of top subject matter experts speaking on behalf of their different verticals (music, film, finance, real estate, technology, education, social media influencing, etc.) about how they’ll be pioneering their industry into the metaverse and how you can partner alongside them! The aim of ImmersedCon will be to equip, empower, and commission the next set of industry builders (you!) for the future of our world.

🎉 This next year is going to be an iconic one! There’s never been an event in history quite like this before, especially of this magnitude. Thanks for being on this journey with us!

The Immersed Team



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Renji Bijoy

Renji Bijoy


CEO/CTO @ Immersed [Techstars ‘17], Georgia Tech A.I. Master’s Graduate