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🚀 The Rise of the Virtual World

Immersed: The world’s 1st PRACTICAL metaverse economy. 🤯

There are lots of gaming/entertainment metaverses. But when will the metaverse become more than just a “toy”?

Time Magazine, The New Yorker, and many other publications have written about how users work 40+ hrs/week in the metaverse using Immersed. Those users are requesting community-related features (ie., virtual happy hours, events, conferences, etc.), in addition to wanting to build businesses in the metaverse to exchange goods & services with each other, presenting the opportunity for Immersed to become the world’s 1st practical metaverse economy!

The Next Phase of the Internet

But what IS the metaverse?

Watch this interview between our VP of Culture and I about what the metaverse really is, how Immersed is the strongest player for it, how YOU play a role, and how to view this world moving forward:

Web 3.0? Blockchain? Why build vLand on NFT technology?

If you’d like a deeper understanding of how blockchain/NFT technology works for virtual land (vLand) ownership and how it is a core technology for the metaverse, check out our commentary on GaryVee’s interview:

❓🗺 Virtual Land Frequently Asked Questions blog gets into detail about how this all works.

🌎 Virtual Land To Build On

In the “gaming” metaverse, there are currently plots of virtual land (vLand) that are selling for millions of dollars each. These gaming-company market caps have skyrocketed into the dozens of billions.
But, with Immersed being the world’s first practical metaverse company, people can finally stake their claim in a metaverse that has true utility and is here to stay for the long haul!

How To Purchase Immersed’s vLand

If you don’t already have a crypto wallet, create a Coinbase Wallet by following these steps. (Coinbase is simple for people new to crypto, but you can use other wallets too.)

  1. Be sure to purchase/transfer enough ETH to your crypto wallet.
    You may go here to see your methods of transferring additional cash to your Coinbase account. (Make sure to transfer your ETH to your Coinbase Wallet.)
  2. Connect your crypto wallet to OpenSea by following these steps.
  3. If you are purchasing “Buy Now” plots, you will need to use ETH.
    BUT, if you are entering the auctions, you’ll need to trade ETH for WETH on OpenSea in order to BID.
  4. 🎉 Purchase Immersed vLand from
  5. 🎥Video: How To Buy Immersed vLand
  6. 🎥Video: How To Re-sell Your vLand
You may purchase Immersed vLand from

🚨 PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF SCAMS! Only buy vLand following links through Immersed’s website and double-check to make sure it’s our verified vLand Virtual Deed before you buy!

🚨 MAKE SURE that you’re purchasing from Immersed’s verified OpenSea account.

🧠 Learning More About What To Do With vLand 🌎

YOUR First Metaverse Venture

Next year, Immersed will be hosting a 4,000-person conference called ImmersedCon 2023 on Feb 2–5, 2023 in Austin, TX to teach vLand owners how to start their first venture in the metaverse (free exclusive access ONLY for Immersed vLand NFT holders).

🎤 ImmersedCon will consist of top subject matter experts speaking on behalf of their different verticals (music, film, finance, real estate, technology, education, social media influencing, etc.) about how they’ll be pioneering their industry into the metaverse and how you can partner alongside them! The aim of ImmersedCon will be to equip, empower, and commission the next set of industry builders (you!) for the future of our world.

🎉 This next year is going to be an iconic one! There’s never been an event in history quite like this before, especially of this magnitude. Excited to have you on this journey with us!

The Immersed Team




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Renji Bijoy

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