Is Canada restricting express entry draws to PNP and CEC?

ElamParithi Arul
May 1, 2020 · 2 min read

The recent express entry draws have been taking place for CEC and PNP. In the recent CEC draw, a total of 3,782 invitations were issued and candidates with 455 and above CRS scores received the invitation which was on April 16, 2020. There are a lot of invitations being sent by provinces lately in the expression of interest draws including Ontario inviting 26 entrepreneurs under OINP on Monday.

The express entry draw for all programs did not take place this month, and the last draw took place on March 4, 2020; the reason being that IRCC is currently placing FSW and FST draws on hold. Although there’s no official announcement for the hold or the reasons behind it, it’s mostly because of the COVID-19 situation which makes it difficult for the new immigrants to land in Canada. On the other hand, most of the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) candidates are within Canada which eliminates the need for travel. Draws for PNP is taking place more frequently to meet the provinces’ needs.

Is it good news for Canadian Aspirants?

Yes! The CRS scores had been skyrocketing and stayed above 470 making it difficult for a lot of candidates to get ITA, leaving them in the pool waiting for a long time. Providing invitations for CEC who are usually at the top of the pool, will remove them from the pool thus reducing the CRS scores. In the draw that took place on April 16, 2020, invitations were issued for candidates with CRS score 455 and above which is the least in the last few months. So, we could expect the CRS scores to go down when IRCC opens FSW and FST again.

While the US bans immigrants, Canada welcomes them. It’s a great time to apply if you dream of making Canada your new home.


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