Litany: Stories from the Trump Deportations

A sampling of stories from the frontlines of Trump’s ongoing deportation movement

In writing my feature article This Time of Seige, I arrived at a problem. I wanted to list each arrest and deportation story I found but the sheer number of them began to overwhelm the piece. Rather than cutting them all, I decided to list them here to bear witness to each story, the people affected and their unique situations.

Let’s remember then that these stories represent just a few of the many lives affected as the Trump administration has ratcheted up the the arrest and deportation of immigrants, who were less likely to be targeted by previous administrations.

This listing represents those stories, which were lucky enough to catch the press or social media’s attention:

  • ICE deported sole provider and caregiver, 27-year old Yancarlos Mendez, who was acting as father to a six-year old paraplegic boy.
  • ICE arrested a 29-year-old Dreamer Christian Gomez Garcia in court for a traffic ticket. Christian came here when he was 5. He earned DACA status in 2012. After a public outcry, ICE released him.
  • ICE deported 39-year-old Jorge Garcia. He came here when he was 10 years old. Just too old to qualify for DACA. He didn’t even know he was undocumented until he started applying for jobs and college .He has no criminal record. In Mexico now, he feels like a foreigner.
  • ICE deported an Ohio business owner, Amer Othman Adi, who had lived here for 40 years, despite the fact that the House Judiciary Committee voted he could stay another 6 months. His wife and four daughters are all U.S. citizens.
  • ICE arrested a green-card holding army veteran, 39-year-old Miguel Perez, Jr., who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Miguel has two children who are U.S. citizens. He’s lived here since he was 8 years old. He began a hunger strike in late January to protest his probable deportation. He was deported in March.
  • ICE arrested 50-year-old Syed Jamal, a Kansas chemistry instructor, who has lived in the United States for 30 years. Seized in his front yard, he was about to take his daughter to school. When his wife tried to hug him, ICE threatened to arrest her, too, for interfering. He remained in jail some 160 miles away from his family until — after a public outcry — he was granted a temporary stay until February 15th. However, Jamal was deported and actually on a flight to Hawaii, when a judge granted him a new stay of removal. If he’d left Hawaii for the next flight to Bangladesh, it would have been too late.
  • ICE wanted to deport 30-year-old Jesus Berrones, whose five-year-old son is suffering with cancer. Jesus has a wife and five children who are all U.S citizens. He first came here when he was 1.5 years old. ICE eventually granted him a one-year stay to remain with son while he battles cancer.
  • Immigration agents arrested 30-year-old Carlos Gudiel Andres, husband and father of five, on his way to work at 6:30 a.m. The agents approached him without probable cause as he loaded his tools into his truck.
  • En route to a doctor, Gerardo Martinez-Morales, 52, father to four children and grandfather to three, was handed over to ICE after being pulled over for a broken tail light. He was deported to Mexico.
  • ICE officers arrested 43-year-old Lukasz Niec in Kalamazoo, MI shortly after his daughter has left for school. A Polish immigrant and doctor, Lukasz came here at five years old nearly 40 years ago. He’s a lawful permanent resident, jailed locally while the decision of whether to deport him is resolved.
  • Jasmine Rowe, 40 years old, a single mother was served with a misdemeanor crime. She had no prior criminal record. The judge at a Brooklyn Courthouse told her to return to her 16-year-old son and come back in the New Year. As her lawyer discussed details with the judge, ICE arrested her, taking her to a New Jersey holding facility without letting her explain her disappearance to her son or lawyer.
  • Wilson Rodriguez Macarreno heard an intruder in his home, so he called the police. They turned him over to ICE. He’s detained in Tacoma, Washington, awaiting deportation processing. He has a wife and three children, ages three (twins) and one. His lawyer, Luis Cortes, is himself a DACA recipient, who could lose his status in the future.
Mike Padmore and family on the GoFundMe page set up to cover their immigration legal costs
  • Mike Padmore has an American wife and two American children. He’s currently being held in a Colorado detention center. He entered the U.S. on a work via but overstayed. Although his status was pending and he had no criminal record, Mike was arrested at a routine checkin with ICE. He awaits a decision on deporting him to Ghana.
  • ICE arrested an MS-13 informant and moved to deport him back to El Salvador. The police had promised to protect him and to place him in the witness protection program in California. He’s still in jail while some of the MS-13 members were released.
  • ICE arrested Romulo Avelica Gonzalez while he was taking his two youngest daughters to school. His 13-year old daughter videotaped his arrest while sobbing within her father’s car. The incident went viral and after six months of detention, Gonzalez was released.

Part of an on-going series on immigration by Robert A Stribley