Immigration in America

Global Climate Change and Its Impact Upon Migration and Sovereign States

The United States seen through fencing at the border of the U.S. and Tijuana, Mexico. A Border Patrol vehicle can be seen through the chain-link fence. Photo by Robert Stribley.
U.S. Border Patrol vehicle seen through fencing at the border of the U.S. and Tijuana, Mexico. Photo by Robert Stribley.

Climate change has always been a major motivating factor behind changes in human migration. However, the last few years have seen a backlash against climate migrants among the planet’s more advanced states, and the march of global…

Critics of immigrants—particularly undocumented immigrants— point to their numbers in federal prisons. It’s meaningless as an indicator of immigrant crime rates.

Cover photo: Immigrant Make America Great — Photo by Nitisha Meena, Unsplash
Immigrant Make America Great — Original photo by Nitisha Meena, Unsplash

When you highlight the fact that crime is lower among the immigrant population—including undocumented immigrants—in the United States than in the general population, someone eventually pipes up to ask, “Then why are there so many immigrants in federal prison?”

This question hopes to serve as a “gotcha” moment. It’s calculated…

Photo of woman holding sign reading “We are all immigrants” at the Women’s March in New York, NY, January 22nd, 2017.
“We are all immigrants” — photo by Robert Stribley

The economic imperative for restoring immigration and labor movement in the wake of COVID-19

As many western industrial nations drifted towards protectionism if not outright nationalism in the last decade, an already constrictive environment had developed for the free movement of the labor market. …

The ugly tradition of blaming newcomers for the spread of illness dates back to the United States’ earliest years

Photo: bauhaus1000/Getty Images

If critics most often summon the specter of criminality to dehumanize immigrants, the specter they’re likely to call upon second is disease. It’s a grotesque tradition that reaches back to the early years of our nation’s history. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, for example, was steeped in fears about…

How a U.S. policy change in 1965 proved disastrous for Mexican immigrants and migrant workers

“We are all immigrants,” Women’s March, January 2017. Photo: Robert Stribley

If you depended on Donald Trump’s tweets to learn about our immigration issues, you’d get a tremendously skewed idea of how migration works in this country—and the historical path we’ve taken to get here.

Nonetheless, this much is true: Mexican migrant workers continue to enter the United States in significant…

A U.S. Border Patrol vehicle as seen through the U.S. /Mexico border fence from Tijuana. Note that the caravan in Mexico currently in the news is nowhere near here. — Photo by Robert Stribley

I’m not afraid of a caravan of hungry, impoverished migrants making their way through Mexico right now and neither should you be.

Some important facts about these migrants: They’re currently crossing the border of Guatemala into Mexico and are nowhere near the United States border. There’s absolutely no evidence they…

The U.S. and Mexico stand in stark contrast where their edges meet at the Pacific Ocean

The Mexico/United States border, Tijuana, Mexico. All photos: Robert Stribley

I had wanted to explore this specific point on the southwestern border of the United States ever since I saw a brief video about surfers from both Mexico and the U.S. gathering there and joining one another out among the waves.

On a late-August Thursday, I drove down from Dana…

Immigration in America

Examining the state of immigration in the United States

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