News outlets producing short, medium and long-form video journalism & documentary online

This is a collection of some of the news publications doing online video right now. There’s a variety of styles, from documentaries to short explainers to VR — we’d love to know which publications, channels, styles and films you enjoyed most in class. If it’s a bigger publication with more than one channel or style, (like Vice or AJ+) I've tried to include a couple the different channels. I have also tried to dig out a news article or two discussing the various outlets where you can find out more about there approach and business model etc. Enjoy!


Times Documentaries — Long-form, original documentaries from The New York Times.

Op-Docs — Opinion documentaries.


Vice have a stack of different channels including:

The Profiles is a particularly good one to watch for students as you’ll be doing a profile video for one of your first assignments.

It’s well worth reading about Vice — love them or hate them, they are an important player. Vice Media is an edgy, global media with heavy video content. Originally a small magazine it has evolved into a $4 billion corporation. Vice will soon launch Viceland, a 24-hour cable channel in partnership with A+E Networks (covering food, travel, and culture). Vice also features shows on HBO.


Doc X “Incredible short documentaries from filmmakers around the world.”

True Love from Dazed Magazine: “A new video series taking apart what it’s really like to love somebody, following three couples in Nashville, Tennessee through the life, times and struggles of the ultimate intimacy.”


“Streams a mixture of curated short documentaries and original Aeon content, including a series of interviews with experts at the forefront of thought.”


Films from The Guardian


“A new venture that expresses The Economist’s globally curious outlook in the form of short, mind-stretching documentaries. “Future Works” is a series that examines the jobs of the future that are being done today.”


Vox Explainer Series

For example…


Producing feature-length docs and character-driven shorts to experiential VR pieces — lots of innovation and mixing advocacy into the jorunalism mix“We tell stories of resilience that move audiences to take action”.

Shot on an iphone 6


www. is a leading VR company, “whose mission is to tell extraordinary stories in virtual reality. Vrse uses custom-built tools and their own VR app to create and distribute the most innovative, story-driven experiences in VR today.” Has produced high-profile collaborations with The New York Times, the United Nations and Vice.


We definitely recommend downloading the app and viewing AJ+ there, video heavy content from short and mid form docs to short explainers.

Short Docs from AJ+:

Animated Explainers & Shorts from AJ+:


Digital originals, commentary, explainers, mini-docs

Real Future: is Fusion’s new documentary series about technology and society.

Media Storm

You do need to be a subscriber to view most of Media Storm’s Films. It’s worth it.

Los Angeles Time Video

My favourite are the The Times reports — In-depth interviews, commentary and video essays from Los Angeles Times reporters.

Wall Street Journal

More from Aljazeera

Both of the links below are broadcast programmes — but you can also watch them online

Aljazeera Witness

Aljazeera 101 East