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Aurora Withdrawal Logic Error Bugfix Review


Aurora Introduction


Technical background on Aurora and Rainbow Bridge

struct BurnResult {
uint128 amount;
address recipient;
address ethCustodian;
/// withdraw result for eth-connector
#[cfg_attr(not(target_arch = “wasm32”), derive(BorshDeserialize))]
pub struct WithdrawResult {
pub amount: NEP141Wei,
pub recipient_id: Address,
pub eth_custodian_address: Address,


pub extern “C” fn view() {
let mut io = Runtime;
let env = ViewEnv;
let args: ViewCallArgs = io.read_input_borsh().sdk_unwrap();
let current_account_id = io.current_account_id();
let engine = Engine::new(args.sender, current_account_id, io, &env).sdk_unwrap();
let result = Engine::view_with_args(&engine, args).sdk_unwrap();
// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0
pragma solidity >=0.7.0 <0.9.0;
contract Echo {
function echo(bytes memory payload) public pure {
assembly {
let pos := mload(0x40)
mstore(pos, mload(add(payload, 0x20)))
mstore(add(pos, 0x20), mload(add(payload, 0x40)))
return(pos, 51)
  • An amount to withdraw written in little-endian notation, for example, 0x0000000000f06381960a000000000000
  • Address of the receiver on Ethereum blockchain, for example, 0x1111111122222222333333334444444455555555
  • EthCustodian address (the one which will be processing withdraw on the Ethereum side), for example, 0x6666666677777777888888889999999911111111
  • Proof data is associated with the transaction that did happen on the NEAR blockchain
  • The executor_id is the Aurora contract
  • Data from the proof will be correctly deserialized to the BurnResult struct
  • The deserialized data contains the EthCustodian contract’s address

Vulnerability Fix




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