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2 min readFeb 14, 2024


Introducing Boost, Immunefi’s newest product offering!

An Immunefi Boost is a time-bound code review by best-in-class security researchers aimed at protecting your code from vulnerabilities when you need it the most.

Boosts help you to harden code post-audit, at testnet, or even before launching a mainnet bug bounty. Boosts surface critical reports in real-time as the program runs, enabling you to mitigate vulnerabilities without having to wait for long audits to finish, which effectively maximizes your speed to launch.

Boost comes with a series of advantages like:

1. Access to the Industry’s Best-In-Class Security Researchers

Out of our 35k+ security researchers, we have over 1000+ that have found a critical bug on mainnet projects. In total, our security researchers have prevented the theft of more than $25B collectively to date.

2. Launch in days, not weeks or months

Launch your boosts at unparalleled speed, which minimizes time-to-market and ensures swift vulnerability identification.

3. Receive bug reports in real-time + Consolidated Report

Bug reports in real-time, enabling you to address vulnerabilities while the program is running + get a consolidated report of findings to showcase enhanced security at the end of the program.

4. Real-Time Triaging By Experts

Experience the power of instant reports, triaged in real-time. Our team of in-house expert triagers will triage your reports, enabling you to focus on improving your code.

5. Mainnet Bug Bounty Program Ready

Post-Boost, you can opt for a mainnet bug bounty program for uninterrupted protection post-launch.

6. 20% More Cost-Effective Compared to Market

Up to 20% cheaper than similarly-sized audit contests, but with a much larger and more proficient security researcher community.

Boosts also act as an ideal way to harden code at critical lifecycle junctures (e.g. mainnet launch or a large release), incentivizing the industry’s top whitehats to protect your project from life-threatening vulnerabilities.

Boost can be leveraged for every phase of your development cycle.

1. Audit Boost

Get top-tier security researcher engagement right after an audit to maximize the best eyes on code and minimize vulnerabilities at launch, helping you to harden the code while building a security researcher community around your project to create a seamless path to your mainnet bug bounty program.

2. Bounty Boost

Stand out from the crowd and maximize attention from the best security researchers on your code when you launch your mainnet bug bounty program. Or, you can utilize a Boost to win back engagement with top security researchers at the point of critical code or bug bounty program updates.

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