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Hack Analysis: Saddle Finance, April 2022



Root Cause

dy = xp[tokenIndexTo].sub(y).sub(1);
dyFee = dy.mul(self.swapFee).div(FEE_DENOMINATOR);
dy = dy.sub(dyFee).div(self.tokenPrecisionMultipliers[tokenIndexTo]);
Snippet 1: Patched MetaSwapUtils Segment

Proof of Concept

Snippet 2. The start of our attack contract
Snippet 3. Contract Entry Point and Flash Loan
Snippet 4. Swapping USDC for sUSD
Snippet 5. Swapping sUSD for LP Tokens
Snippet 6. Swapping LP Tokens for sUSD
Snippet 7. Swapping sUSD for USDC


Snippet 8. Entire Saddle Attack



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