Introducing BadgerDAO (eBTC) Boost!

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2 min readFeb 16, 2024


BadgerDAO is launching with an Immunefi Boost on Monday, February 19, and opening the gates to security researchers everywhere to find and submit vulnerabilities on their new eBTC protocol.

Mark your calendars! Participate in the second-ever Boost on Immunefi and win rewards and glory!

The Boost lasts from February 19, 8am UTC until March 4, 8am UTC.

Join us Monday at 4:30pm UTC for a live technical walkthrough on the Immunefi Discord.

For this event, a total of $200,000 USD is available in the rewards pool for whitehats who find bugs in BadgerDAO’s eBTC codebase of about 5,000 nSLOC.

Boosts are timebound programs that are upgraded to Immuefi’s highest standards to make an incredibly fun and engaging bug-hunting experience.

For the BadgerDAO Boost:

  • There is no KYC and anyone may participate, except for official contributors who are currently involved (past contributors may participate).
  • BadgerDAO, the creators of eBTC, will respond within 24 hours on weekdays to all bug reports.
  • Any technical questions and support requests can be asked directly to BadgerDAO or Immunefi in the BadgerDAO Boost Discord channel. Direct support from the project makes all the difference.
  • The Boost page will contain extensive information about the eBTC codebase and which parts may be hiding vulnerabilities.
  • Duplicates are eligible for a reward!.
  • If no bugs are found, a guaranteed $50,000 will still be distributed to participating whitehats who submit near-valid, well-written bug reports. Low-quality/spam reports, however, will still result in a warn and potential ban.
  • Immunefi provides free Managed Triaging for the event to make everything go quickly and smoothly.

The launch of this Boost serves to:

  1. Provide our wider WH community with more certainty in rewards and earning potential on Immunefi.
  2. Create a fun environment to learn new projects and earn rewards along the way.
  3. Ensure speedy response times from projects.
  4. Alleviate worries about restrictive report publication policies.

Once the Boost ends, Immunefi will begin evaluating bug submissions and determining the distribution of rewards from the pool. The results will then be posted here on Medium, which will include a leaderboard of the event and a link to a public repository containing all paid reports for anyone to review.

Participation is as easy as signing up to Immunefi and submitting bugs.

>> Visit the Boost page for the countdown <<




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