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Pwning.eth Earns Whitehat Hall Of Fame NFT For Aurora Find

Pwning.eth has earned a Whitehat Hall of Fame NFT for his recent critical bug find in Aurora, forever securing his spot in hacking history. This award makes him the second whitehat to be immortalized after Satya0x, who was paid $10,000,000 for his find in Wormhole.

Each Whitehat Hall of Fame NFT card is a 1/1 made specifically for each landmark bug report and legendary whitehat, all designed to suit the hacker’s ultimate persona. It is minted from immunefi.eth to ensure authenticity.

This time, we worked with an artist to show pwning.eth locked in struggle with bugs and blackhats on the Aurora bridge, with aurora borealis displayed overhead.

Pwning.eth’s struggle proved successful, and he saved 70,000 ETH and $200 million in funds on Aurora in the process. He was awarded a $6,000,000 bounty for his critical find–and now also this Hall of Fame NFT, available here on OpenSea and on our Hall of Fame page.

Here’s the whitehat card legend for the pwning.eth card, left to right:

Sword: Whitehat’s first reportMoon and Circle: Over $100 million in funds savedImpact of Attack: 7Ease of Defense: 4

The full Hall of Fame list is available on our website, and the NFT collection itself is available here.

You might be wondering: how do I earn one of these cards?

These cards are issued to whitehats who report critical bugs via Immunefi on a case-by-case basis. Not every critical bug will deserve a whitehat card. These cards are reserved for the most legendary whitehats who report the most legendary bugs. If your critical bug find has a huge impact, you might just be eligible for a whitehat card that puts you in the Whitehat Hall of Fame.

We look forward to creating more cards for this series. Every whitehat card we mint is a historic occasion.

You might also be wondering: if I’ve earned one of these cards, can I earn another?

Absolutely. The more cards a whitehat earns, the more they show the world — and other hackers — how elite and legendary they are.

If you’re a Web2 or Web3 developer who is finally thinking about a bug-hunting career in Web3, we got you. Check out our ultimate blockchain hacking guide, and start taking home some of the $145m in rewards available on Immunefi — the leading bug bounty platform for Web3.



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