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What Whitehats Need To Know About Immunefi Dashboard Updates

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New Immunefi Features and Updated Dashboard UI

Today, we are releasing a series of updates to our bug bounty platform that whitehats should know about. While this mostly will affect the UI for projects, there will be some changes relevant to the whitehat community.

The reasoning behind these updates follows the core logic laid down when we first launched Immunefi. Our goal has always been decentralization, but the assets that we are handling are the world’s most valuable assets, and the workflows involved in bug bounties are complex and multifaceted.

Jumping straight to decentralization, in other words, would have been a disaster, without fully understanding both how bug bounty platforms work best, plus what can go wrong with their workflows and processes.

Now, just over a year after having launched, we understand those workflows and processes a little better. So we’re making an important change to bring more autonomy, expediency, and flexibility to how projects and whitehats work together on bug reports.

We wanted to ensure that whitehats are also aware of these changes.

On February 14 the following will be rolled out:

1. Triaging updates: all bug reports (aside from outright spam) will be escalated to projects directly so they can more efficiently review, process, and resolve them. After a report is escalated, Immunefi will be automatically unsubscribed — however, we will still be available to support and help mediate, when required. Ideally, we want you and the project to work together directly on validating a bug report and we will rely on whitehats to take ownership of their reports, follow up when necessary, and in the rare case mediation is required, to reach out to Immunefi for assistance.

2. Quick Actions and templated text replies: will help projects resolve bug reports faster and with more control. You may see certain phrasing or template text reoccur in some of the project replies. This is expected, will maintain consistency, and will help projects respond to you faster.

3. Ask Immunefi for help: If you or a project need Immunefi’s help in resolving a bug report or have any questions for us, we’re here to support you. If you do not see a member of the Immunefi team as a participant in the report, a button will appear at the bottom right of your submission page. Click on “Request Help” and a modal will appear for you. Again, our expectation is that projects and whitehats will resolve issues together, so any abuse of this support channel may be grounds for removal from our platform.

1) If Immunefi is NOT a participant in your bug report:

2) If Immunefi IS a participant in your bug report:

4. Help Center: is now available anytime for whitehats and projects to access FAQs as well as detailed guides on how to process and resolve bug reports

If you’re a Web2 or Web3 developer who is finally thinking about a bug-hunting career in Web3, we got you. Check out our ultimate blockchain hacking guide, and start taking home some of the $84m in rewards available on Immunefi — the leading bug bounty platform for Web3.



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