A Land Time Forgot

A poem with a message for humanity from a personal landscape

Marilyn Glover
Imogene’s Notebook
1 min readMay 23, 2024


A woman stands at the top of a hill looking at society below. She is unaffected by modern-day troubles.
Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Up on a hill, on a one-way street
neatly tucked away from modern-day troubles
a throwback to a simpler hour
I live among old-timers
hippies, midwives, and naturists
a place where a community garden
feeds much more than hungry mouths
spirit guides us
daily drumming
inspires barefoot dancing on nourished green
Star people, we are
uniquely mapped
in a setting only a stone's throw
from the city’s daily worst-case scenario
yet, we shine on, a constellation of souls
earth handlers
tracing and retracing our hill
never traipsing — we are not a weary people
but footsteps on the lighter side
hosting humanity’s recovery
nearby residents, the average passerby
barely look our way
mayhap societal grooming inhibits fear —
preventing future stars from making their ascension

©Marilyn Glover



Marilyn Glover
Imogene’s Notebook

8x boosted Medium poet and certified Reiki Master (Usui method) writing to uplift humanity. Dual citizen, single mum, and domestic abuse survivor