Boutonniere for Dad

A life lesson poem for Father’s Day

Marilyn Glover
Imogene’s Notebook
3 min readJun 1, 2024


A photo of my father walking my daughter down the aisle in an August 2023 Schenectady NY park garden wedding
My dad walking my youngest daughter Blessed down the aisle on August 20, 2023 — author’s photo

Honeysuckle and Rose
pin it on his lapel
marrying guidance
with tough lessons
a quality I often lacked
I told you so
you should have listened

his heartfelt extension
my youthful rebellion
saw only
what I wanted
deluding heard words
his words
without listening
sounds just sounds
rattling in a thick skull
wisdom provided
parental guided
yet, of these lessons
I annulled
a would-be ceremony
waiting for me
a know-it-all elective
youthful me
never graduated
an older me’s
personal perspective



Marilyn Glover
Imogene’s Notebook

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