Sol to Soul

An inspirational poem for Summer Solstice

Marilyn Glover
Imogene’s Notebook
2 min readJun 13, 2024


Summer Solstice Sun blazing over the countryside.
Photo by Marcel Eberle on Unsplash

Fetching sun
he serves me well
rising over cloud netting
a blazing disc
inspirational rays
caught by my ample soul
fit for fire
the ball
returning energy
to a sky-bound beach
volleyball player

Sol to soul
a match born of heaven
yet not competition
game points
to all participants

appearing yellow
born of white
meets atmospheric filters
sky flame
burns openings in clouds
day’s longest light
my earthbound wish
is fulfilled
ball thrower
contacts me
reaching ground
at my feet —
Sun scores an ace
yet, I score one, too
absorbed intention
my sun-kissed face
flows through my being
long sought feeling
warmth and growth
sparks hope
my newfound oath



Marilyn Glover
Imogene’s Notebook

8x boosted Medium poet and certified Reiki Master (Usui method) writing to uplift humanity. Dual citizen, single mum, and domestic abuse survivor