Sweet Cherry Kiss

A life lesson poem for May from a Weeping Cherry Willow

Marilyn Glover
Imogene’s Notebook
2 min readMay 8, 2024


Photo of pink flowers blooming on a Weeping Cherry Willow tree taken in late April.
Window view from my office of a Weeping Cherry Willow tree — author’s photo

Pink Himalayan salt
blushing ornamentals
mid-April flowers
umbrella dreams
drink from her
satiate unquenched thirst
fill your cup, for come May first
rosy floras fade to memories
Weeping Willow
sheds her final tears
basin breached
secrets sourced in landscapes
arms reach for all curious
replenish roots
nature’s nurture
toast to tall tales
truth —
your future

Amid uncertain moments
near nods not nays
a sweet cherry kiss
mark not miss
X the spot
a hopeful heart
fleeting greetings
mixed space meetings
dancing maypole faeries
pink twirling ribbons
fade away
first week of May
but all is not done
my dearest one
pink trails shower
extended miles
smiles —
smiles on bouquets
bouquets of bliss
season’s floras
angel’s auras
fertile May
fruitful you…



Marilyn Glover
Imogene’s Notebook

8x boosted Medium poet and certified Reiki Master (Usui method) writing to uplift humanity. Dual citizen, single mum, and domestic abuse survivor