Natural blockchain program language NBL compared…nothing alike!

Most competitors just look like a programming languages(list at bottom). That’s not a natural language. NBL only writes down the facts, so

Natural means: ALL can read & understand NBL in an natural easy manner.

Many NPLs are only an architecture, a design (not there!) for ICO:

“the tower of Babel” sold again.

Many just got the wrong paradigm: NBL is not AI, like Google translate or IBM Watson. Look:

If it was that easy Google would have done something like NBL ?!

No word on “digital evolution” and it’s just as important as the rest….. You generate a lot of versions of code. But HOW to handle all these updates and “digital contract evolution”.

NBL creates guaranteed error free code.

Programmers are used to write code & test it afterwards. Does it sound familiar ? The problem with testing is that you can find one error or even a few, but you can never be sure you found all all of them. NBL checks your output code and even forces programmers to work structured. Blockchain is great, but garbage in is garbage out is valid more than ever. To program blockchain nowadays. programmers need to work more secure. You see this testing mindset also elsewhere. Latest Intel / Heartbleed scandal shows that software is critical to our society. We cannot have that someone “forgets something” like, in this case, a security layer. When you program a blockchain wrong, you get a terrible repetitive error, like Heartbleed. Blockchain errors are even worse, real contract are lost. Who to sue ? You cannot get rid of the error, once written on the blockchain.

regulators my raise a red flag.

NBL is mathematically generated and it can be proven to generate correct code by government bodies. Some other AI based higher computer languages cannot. NBL has no competition and it will take 2 years to figure out how the math behind NBL works. Digital evolution is maybe even harder and more important.

NBL reduces your dependence on technology. All can write/read NBL and compile to Ethereum, Corda & Hyperledger

The importance of a chain or a consortium like R3 is less important when there is a higher language available that translates to all kind of blockchains. New block-chains BigchainDB or Apla do have some technical superior features. You can query them, for example. Or, another example, the have nice authorisation on layers on each smart contract and node ect.

NBL will compilers to: Kotlin(Corda/R3), Simvolio(Apla) and maybe Go for Hyperledger this summer. The maybe is not caused by us, but by the poor quality of the chains itself. They just can stop or bounce, caused by dynamic string types. Generally, a strongly typed language has stricter typing rules at compile time, which imply that errors and exceptions are more likely to happen during compilation. Ethereum looses 250 mio a year on errors in smart contracts. Most of these errors you can take out by writing your smart contracts in NBL. NBL is agnostic and generates bugfree code. However, we cannot prevent Ethereum from bouncing and stopping randomly. It’s hard to compile to Solidity in many ways, caused by many weaknesses. You better off programming in higher language and test on the old and new chains around first. Most of the job is coding in NBL anyway.

Once on a blockchain nothing can be deleted! How to handle all those versions ?!

With this knowledge above, let’s crack down a a fake ICO, someone has to do this and from discussions we all can learn. They ask 10 million and people pay for this scam ICO these days. First: they match criteria above ! They delete my posts, ugh h. Now they get it: Iolite just took this OLD Genesis paper. Even the numbers of the Genesis “ICO” are the same. Au! Here is a picture of Iolite board sitting together with friends of Genesis and ICO platform asking how to get an quick profit with an old white paper. Why an ICO if you have such a great product anyway ? AI Iolite is the Wrong paradigm for this job, just like google translate. Maybe Iolite pushes Google translate out of the market next week, after their ICO. The code generated is also not error free, so regulators will forbid Iolite made code. What todo with all this code versions, because Iolite has no life cycle management for their buggy code. Guess they do not have some reserves for claims either.

In depth i go now with my fake ICO crackdown, someone has to do it: Where is the Iolite KEY reference article on Stanford all Iolite is based upon cite: “We have based our work on the advanced solutions developed at Stanford University[7],” ? It’s only a general link. The only relevant paper from
Stanford we know is this one: .This paper is the only paper and only talks about a language that is “easier” to program block-chain. That’s not the “tower of Babel”. Google “meta compiler” and the real academic read literature on what it takes to build NBL. We have done it, we are from a to 100 University and we know Stanford. A great name in AI abused. Iolite is also abuses the great digital nation of Estonia. Here the link tot the postbox office(even map, maybe you call their neighbours..). The picture shows they are all from Tel Aviv.. Can’t they pay tax and work from home ? In their team is Marek Herm, an Estonian tax lawyer with a scratch. Great that all is online in adorable digital Estonia.

Here are some more “competitors”. of NBL, have fun.

Natural blockchain language

Blockchain Knowledge foundation builds Natural Blockchain…

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