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Meet the IIU’s New Challenge Prize Fellow: Vivian Harbers

What made you decide to apply for the Fellowship program?

I decided to apply for the Fellowship program because I am enthralled at the prospect of employing new, outcomes-based strategies to drive innovation and solve problems for Canadians.

How would you explain Challenges to someone who had never heard about it before?

Challenges are incentivized competitions that reward innovators who can most effectively (or quickly) solve a defined problem.

Why do you believe government departments should continue to explore Challenges as a way to achieve better outcomes?

Challenges reduce barriers to application, allowing us to more fully harness the innovation, creativity, and knowledge of Canadians from diverse backgrounds.

What unique perspectives do you bring to this work, as someone entering the public service for the first time?

I have witnessed first-hand many of the social issues that Canadians face every day. I believe that actionable, outcomes-based progress is crucial to addressing these social issues and improving the wellbeing of our families, communities, and country.




The Government of Canada wants innovative solutions to economic, environmental, and social problems. (En français:

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Impact Canada

Impact Canada

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