Video: Using angular with your CMS

Last week in Lisbon, I spoke about how to use Angular outside the more common scenario of line of business applications.

So.. we really wanna use the new shiny angular, we want to build a Single-Page-Application so we can animate page-transitions, but we still want the CMS to control routes and templates (we have many and they change all the time). We also want the CMS-editor to be in control of the pages content and render unknown rows of dynamic content. How can we remain this level of flexibility while compiling our templates Ahead-Of-Time (AOT).

Last week at an Angular event in Lisbon, I was invited to speak about this. In the walk, we followed the thought- and working process, trial and errors and ended up with a working solution. I gave my opinion on pros/cons, did some live-coding, tradeoffs and ended up with showing a GitHub repository for everyone to go home and clone.

Watch my contribution here: