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It’s like a carbon tax, but for algorithms that monetize rage

Social Media thumbs down.
Social Media thumbs down.
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Profiting off the rage machine

Labor Mobility Hits an All-time low

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Fewer Americans are moving

  • In 1948, 13.6% of Americans made short-haul moves within the same county. By 2016 that number has fallen by half to 6.9%.
  • In 1948, 6.4% of Americans made long-haul moves to a different county or state. In 2016, only 3.9% of Americans made long-haul moves.

How automation might further economic divides

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What are the changes?

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  1. Low-interest rates have encouraged people to increase their total debt which has negated the gains from rising home prices.
  2. Over 50% of Americans have zero dollars invested in the stock market, meaning they have not…

Add a Pinch of Tariffs and a Dash of Rate Cuts

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What is stagflation?

What is stagflation so bad?

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Economists view themselves as superior and therefore do not collaborate with sociologists and other social scientists nearly as much as they should.

The Fundamental Flaw of Modern Economic Theory

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  1. Normal Goods
  2. Luxury Goods
  3. Inferior Goods

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What Tariffs are Currently in Place?

The Justification for the Trade War

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Modern Policy Options

Examining policy options for today’s problems

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