Looking for Jobs with Impact?

By Connor Chelsky and Maggie Stohler

At Impact Engine, we get lots of inquiries about where to look for and apply to social impact jobs. While we always direct people to our Social Impact Jobs Board and post #impinv and #socent #jobs on Twitter (@theimpactengine), we’ve also decided to round up some of our favorite organizations and search engines that post job listings in the social impact or impact investing sector. Whether you’re a recent college grad seeking an entry-level position or a senior-level executive looking to transition towards more meaningful, impactful work, these resources have something to offer for job seekers in every step of their career.


Net Impact is a global community of students and professionals committed to developing social impact careers. If you’re looking for US-based jobs, Net Impact’s Jobs and Internships Board is a great resource for finding open positions in the social impact sector. They have a free monthly newsletter, which includes resources for finding impact jobs and the most recently posted job listings on their site. Be sure to check out their Job Search Tools page for additional resources on the search process, as well as field overviews of different impact sectors including impact investing. We especially recommend their Impact Investing career guide, a step by step toolkit for searching, applying, interviewing and landing a job in impact investing.

Back in March, we wrote about the B Corps movement, a group of for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corps has its own Jobs Board for openings at certified B Corps companies in the community. This comprehensive list is always adding new opportunities at companies making an impact in the community through sustainable business practices.

While not solely focused on impact jobs, we recommend using Angel List to learn more about social impact startups and to see who’s hiring. Angel List is a great tool for exploring startups and the venture capital firms that fund them. Impact funds such as Kapor Capital and Better Ventures, which invest in socially focused tech start ups across a variety of verticals, use Angel List to highlight open positions at their portfolio companies.


The GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) is dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing around the world. Their online career center is one of the best sources for finding international job openings from members of the GIIN Investors’ Council and organizations involved in the impact investing industry. Listings range from full-time to intern level and span four continents. We recommend this jobs board for those with a background in finance or impact measurement looking to work abroad.

The Career Center at the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) is another impact jobs board with a strong international focus. ANDE is a global membership network of organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets. The board contains postings from members of ANDE, the businesses they support, and other supporters of the ANDE network. If you’re new to social impact, ANDE also has a great list of resources, programs and fellowships for developing skills and experience for breaking into the social impact sector and additional social impact job search engines.

It’s also worth exploring the Village Capital Careers page, which lists open jobs at Village Capital, an international impact incubator building communities around entrepreneurs and their ventures, as well as their portfolio companies.

The Skoll Foundation, an organization that invests in, connects, and celebrates social entrepreneurs and innovators solving the world’s most pressing problems, has invested over $400 million worldwide in 96 organizations on five continents. Their Community Jobs Board rounds up a list of social sector job opportunities in the NGO, government and community social responsibility (CSR) space. Current job listings come from over 20 organizations across five continents.

We always encourage talented people to explore careers in social impact and impact investing and hope these resources better guide the search process. Good luck!

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