#impactengineered Awards

Our 1st annual awards forum for the highest honors in social impact and social innovation is here, and we are pleased to announce the winners who are shaping the future of business and engineering.

Impact Engineered — October 18, 2017

Award Categories:

Hardware Trailblazer

Great hardware starts with a sketch, puts the user at the center of the design, requires many iterations and prototypes and lots of perseverance. You just don’t ship 1 million units overnight you know. And fundraising? Show me an investor that understands the patience, scale and complexity of scaling hardware for social impact! We focus on excellence, passion, creativity and impact — recognizing progress at all stages of the product development cycle. Hardware innovators, at all stages, we salute you!

And the winner is… Krista Donaldson on behalf of D-REV, Rachel Yost

Women Leading in Technology and Impact

One day, this won’t be its own category anymore. For now, we believe it’s important to spotlight not just the engineers and specialists, but the women engineers and specialists, committed to enabling technology for good. We applaud those who have excelled in the sector, and hope this award demonstrates to other women in our community and those aspiring to be in it that their hard work does not go unrecognized.

And the winners are…

o Elaine Weidman, Ericsson

o Mitchell Baker, Mozilla Foundation

o Linda Raftree, Independent Consultant; Convener: Tech Salon NYC and MERL Tech

Connecting the Unconnected

47% of the world has access to Internet — that’s almost 4 billion people unconnected. No market prices, no educational content, no news, no perspective (not even FACEBOOK)! This award celebrates organizations that are devoted to connecting the unconnected — building up infrastructure and alternatives solutions to ensure the underserved can engage, participate and be heard.

And the winners are…

o Inveneo, Bob Marsh

o World Possible, Jeremy Schwartz

o Google

Corporate Philanthropy Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

Achieving the SDGs requires businesses and communities to work together to solve society’s biggest challenges — requiring organisations and capital that understand and value the potential of technology-based solutions. Investing in impact means committing to patient capital, evolving sector understanding and disciplined evaluation. This award celebrates the dedication and progressive agenda of corporate foundations committed to engineering a better future for all.

And the winner is… Carola Schwank on behalf of Siemens Stiftung

Impact.Engineered Honorary Engineer

We know us engineers are a special bunch, but IT IS possible for non-engineers to be awesome too! The Impact.Engineered honorary engineer recognizes a non-engineer that is championing engineering and the role it plays in driving human progress. Ok, so they didn’t have a 60 hour work week at university nor do they start each conversation with a definition of the boundary conditions and prior art, but they are torch-bearers for our message and value — and we appreciate that!

And the winner is… John Hockenberry

Interested in hardware-led social impact and entrepreneurship? Are you an impact investor looking for the next big idea? Come see the future of social innovation and meet our 2017 India/ Kenya/ USA ISHOW winners as they pitch their prototypes and bring their technologies to market. This year’s winners went through ISHOW’s rigorous Design & Engineering Reviews with our growing network of experts from all over the world and left our judges thoroughly impressed. And we brought them all the way to New York so you could meet them!

Can’t make the day program? Join us for an evening celebration and awards presentation as we honor those who are accelerating innovation and maximizing its positive social impact.

See you on October 18 2017. Visit www.impact-engineered.org to save your spot today!