Customer Interviews

May 30, 2018 · 2 min read

Through an exciting partnership with GLG, we have the chance over the next month to interview corporate leaders and learn more about how they think about developing their entry-level staff.

Reagan’s email reminded us this week that customer interviews are important, and so we wrote a script to best test key parts of our value prop.

There’s three areas we plan to test:

  • Company Utility
  • Employee Opportunity
  • Implementation Strategy

Do we have the right questions?


There are currently 43,000 open jobs in Austin and an estimated 200,000 entry- level staff who could potentially fill those roles with the right skills and credentials. Staff often feel stuck, and hiring managers are at a loss for where to find talent for middle-management roles.

PelotonU is an Austin non-profit providing local employers a strategy to retain and upskill their entry-level staff. Our mission is to help folks in the working adults force earn a college degree, debt-free and on time, while they continue to work full time.

Validate Company Utility (What’s Their Job to Be Done)

  1. What are some of the top problems for HR departments right now? (looking for upskilling, retention, or skills training)
  2. (If upskilling, retention, or skills training) How are those problems approached currently?
  3. What roles do entry-level folks play in your organization? What are their typical career trajectories?

Validate Employee Demand (Internal Mobility)

  1. Which part of the company do you see getting excited about this?
  2. Are there existing internal pathways of mobility for entry-level staff? Is a college degree enough to make a case for a promotion?

Test Implementation (What’s The Path to Yes)

  1. Is there an outside org your company has partnered with to support staff? How did it work — from first conversation to implementation?
  2. How do decisions get made? Which department picks resources for staff, and which roles within those departments make things happen?
  3. Our hunch is an internal champion makes a big difference — have you seen that prove true with other projects? What are they like, and how do they get excited about projects?
  4. Right now we’re only asking for access to tuition reimbursement. Would employers also pay for our support? If so, from which departments?
  5. Is it common to share internal data with outside partners to track ROI?

Impact Hub Austin | Workforce Development Accelerator

Solving one of Austin's most pressing issues


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PelotonU provides working students a personalized pathway to graduate from college on-time and debt-free.

Impact Hub Austin | Workforce Development Accelerator

Solving one of Austin's most pressing issues

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