Let’s Talk Collateral

May 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Best we can tell, there’s folks with years of sales experience who specialize in enterprise deals, navigating complex decision making hierarchies, and providing the right value to stakeholders at each step in the buying process.

We’ve read the books, jumped on some calls, and had friends show us the ropes and draft call and email scripts. We’ve even got some fancy new software up and running (oh hey, HubSpot).

Catch is, it goes back to (1) messaging, and (2) strategic collateral.

We’re working on the messaging, and sat down this week to think through collateral. Pieces have been built haphazardly (and mostly focused on the prospective student) along the way, and now we’re getting strategic.

First up — the website with key details and strategic next steps (followed soon by employer-specific landing pages). Truth is, we meant to built that prototype for you today, but first, we thought an outline (in lieu of wireframe) would be a good start.

Have a look, and let us know what you think.

Above the Fold

Ready to provide your best staff the necessary skills for an internal promotion and an incentive to stay with your company long-term?

We can help (picture of employee on laptop — link to Clay video)


Your best people leave, hard to level up once you’re working full-time, tricky paths from entry-level to middle management.

Usual solutions (internal training and tuition reimbursement) rarely work.

Hi, we’re a local non-profit named PelotonU

We’ve spent six years working alongside Austin-area employers to provide their entry-level staff a flexible and supportive path to college graduation.

If you offer tuition reimbursement, employ folks without a degree, and have positions that require post-secondary education — we can help.

We match students with best-fit online universities and provide the in-person study space and weekly coaching to ensure they graduate.

Best of all, we’re a non-profit, and want to serve the 23% of the Austin workforce who started college and haven’t yet graduated.

Our program is free for your company, and debt-free for your staff.

We’re launching a pilot in the Fall of 2018 with five local companies — give us your info and we’ll setup a call to see if your a fit.


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PelotonU provides working students a personalized pathway to graduate from college on-time and debt-free.

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