10 years of impact insurance… meet the runners up

If you missed the beautiful winning video in our “Ten years of impact insurance” video contest, take a look at Sanasa’s animated story here.

We had many brilliant entries to the contest. In this blog we introduce you to our four runners up.

International Research institute for Climate and Society (IRI)

What do you do when you think you’ve got a great model to protect farmers in theory, but it doesn’t meet their needs in reality? Keep going back to farmers until you get it right, according to IRI.

In their video, IRI explains how they gradually adapted their agriculture insurance product and scaled it up to reach millions of farmers. Over the last decade, they have learnt how to protect farmers through index insurance, but also how to better integrate that insurance with a wider set of tools to manage the effects of climate change. The IRI team explains: “It’s not so much about building the perfect insurance product, it’s more about building a system that connects the right financial and climate tools for the right purposes.” We couldn’t agree more.

Queenie Chow, featuring MicroEnsure

ILO Impact Insurance Fellow, Queenie Chow, presents MicroEnsure’s years of experience inventing insurance products that did not exist before. During that time, MicroEnsure has reached over 60 million customers, 4 out of 5 of which had never experienced insurance. As the video shows, MicroEnsure’s success in innovation is all about putting the customer at the centre of everything they do.

Allianz Indonesia

Ten years ago, Allianz Indonesia introduced its first life microinsurance product, which was bundled with microcredit. By 2012, the company had already reached one million Indonesians. Since then, it has continued to offer new products and reach new clients. In this video Allianz Indonesia explains the importance of adapting client education and communication carefully to the local context.


FINO was founded in 2006 to make financial services available to unbanked and underbanked Indians. In 2009, it begun a long and remarkably successful journey to provide its customers access to high-quality healthcare. It begun with a government partnership launched in 2009, which brought inpatient health insurance to 165 million Indians in just four years. The company went on to offer a hospital cash product in 2012, which was bundled with personal accident insurance and a telemedicine service. The product was offered through a mobile app and reached 123,000 customers by 2016. Finally, the company was licenced as a payments bank in 2017, allowing it to introduce new products including a pre-underwritten family health insurance product, administered entirely through digital processes.

Watch FINO’s video to learn more about this remarkable journey and to see the stories of some of the families that have benefitted.

These four videos are just a few of the remarkable entries into our “Ten years of impact insurance” video contest. You can see all the videos in our YouTube playlist.

The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility is celebrating its ten-year anniversary in 2018. Despite a drastically changed environment, some of the products and players that took their first steps with us a decade ago are now well established, others are only just beginning to transform the insurance industry.

Our ten-year blog series explores some of the most important developments in the industry and how our partners are driving them forward.