Announcing the Winners of the Impact Summit Learning Engineering Prize

Aaron Mayer
Impact Labs
Published in
2 min readOct 21, 2022


We are so delighted to share the winner of this past summer’s Impact Summit Learning Engineering Prize: Pupil!

Pupil matches disadvantaged high schoolers with college students and alumni mentors from partnered universities and organizations via an algorithm that determines shared commonalities! Founded by Dario Anaya, Pupil aims to facilitate a near-peer mentorship bond, provide greater exposure to campus resources, and help students discover their untapped potential.

Dario, an NYU undergraduate, and Affiliate at MIT from the Chicago area started Pupil in 2020, stemming from his experiences as a first-gen, low-income student who struggled in his early education until a few mentors helped him discover his untapped potential.

Since then, Pupil has accumulated active counsel from institutions such as New York University, Cornell University, and The University of Chicago via deans and directors. Currently, Pupil is in active conversations on beginning pilots with national nonprofits in cities such as Chicago, New York, and Boston.

We are excited to support Dario’s vision for equitable higher education through $10,000 in funding sponsored by Schmidt Futures, as well as access to Impact Labs’ network and resources. We look forward to seeing Dario’s student-driven venture paving more paths for underrepresented high schoolers.

Learn more about Pupil: