Monthly Report:October 2018

News and Updates from Shanzhai City & iO₂ Foundation

In October 2018, our team was working around the clock and globe, connecting with new partners, meeting with investors and attending impact investing forums worldwide.

11–14 October: Rural Product Innovation and Folk Art Revival Forum

  • On 11 to 14 October, the first Rural Product Innovation and Folk Art Revival Forum and Food for Thought Autumn 2018 were held in Maogong, Guizhou by Design Venture Forward(“DVF”,「上海晋暂」). Over a hundred domestic and international frontiers and practitioners in sustainable development and rural revitalisation areas participated in the Forum and interacted with local villagers.
  • At the forum, Shanzhai City and DVF announced that a joint venture company Goods For People (「仁民善作」) was established to revitalise rural resources and small-scale peasant economy in rural areas. Smart Village, a local team led by Goods For People was set up simultaneously to operate and manage Maogong’s economic micro-system and urban-rural multi-conversation community. Read more: Can the magic of “Rural Revival”​ enchant Maogong, a small village in China?
Dr. Tat Lam was giving a speech at the opening ceremony of Rural Product Innovation and Folk Art Revival Forum.

19 October: Shanzhai City Investor Event

  • Shanzhai City (SZC) successfully hosted its first investor event in Hong Kong on 19 October. More than 20 impact investors from all over the world, include family fund managers and philanthropy partners in the city, gathered together to exchange experiences and collaboration opportunities.
Dr. Tat Lam (middle) was introducing Shanzhai City’s current projects to investors present at the event.
  • At the meeting, Dr. Tat Lam, Co-founder and CEO of SZC, gave a special speech on “Application of Blockchain in Social Finance and Social Development” to introduce the growth, development and future vision of SZC to the attendees. Investors present at the meeting raised valuable questions to the SZC team during a cocktail party held after Lam’s presentation. We would like to thank you all investors for coming and giving great feedback to us. We treasure every opportunity to have direct conversation with our investors and look forward to meeting you again.

30–31 October: The GIIN Investor Forum 2018

  • On 30 and 31 October 2018, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) hosted the GIIN Investor Forum 2018 in Paris, France. The forum, being the largest impact investing conference of the year, was attended by over 1,200 delegates from some 80 countries — from pension funds, family offices, development finance institutions, asset managers, banks, financial institutions, advisory firms, government and NGOs.
  • On the morning of 31 October, Shanzhai City was honoured to co-host a side event “Blockchain & AI: Impact Investing in A Tokenised Economy” at the GIIN Forum with ixo, Vesta Impact, Wadappt and FullCycle Energy. At the events, we presented how impacts could be delivered, funded and verified by blockchain, AI and the decentralised web. We also discussed how data verification and liquidity protocols enable us to tokenise impact, identify impacts, assure the provenance of impact data and increase transparency of funding with more than 50 delegates present at the meeting.
  • On 31 October afternoon, Dr. Lam was invited by the GIIN to participate in a streamed session titled “How blockchains and crypto could change impact investing”. Dr. Shaun Conway, the founder and president of the ixo Foundation chaired the session, while Dr. Lam attended as one of the panel members with Simon Granger, Christo Thekkel and Telly Onu. At this 45-minute streamed session, Dr. Lam had a great discussion about tokenization with the panel of experts.
  • We would like to express our greatest gratitude to the GIIN for hosting the great forum. It was an excellent experience to speak with like-minded professionals and learn about new products and initiatives set up by front-line specialists in impact investing industry.

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