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Plastic-Free Plux: reducing plastic one cup at a time

Protecting the environment has never been more enjoyable than this

Place du Luxembourg or “Plux” is a square located in front of the European Parliament. Who could imagine that square surrounded by EU institutions could also be the best place to share a drink with coworkers or have a good time with friends? Well, this place has it all! And more surprisingly, Friday comes earlier in Brussels. 🍹 💃 Every Thursday Plux welcomes hundreds of people to relax, chit-chat, gossip, celebrate, judge or praise and throw away all the sorrows of life. But this perfect landscape art is ruined by the fact that with the sorrows, huge number of plastic cups is thrown away.

Realizing that single-use plastic creates a major problem for the environment, the group of young, open-minded and environmentally conscious individuals launched the Plastic-Free Plux project to fight against waste and promote sustainability. Plastic-Free Plux started to engage actively into raise the awareness about plastic waste. Their main mission was to incentivize people to come at Plux with their own cups to avoid plastic waste.

Recently they introduced the Plux Cup — a reusable cup produced in France to reduce the single use of plastic cups. They started negotiation with neighboring bars to offer discounts for people who bring their own cup or the Plux Cup. Plastic-Free Plux is a proof of how an incentive run by volunteers can become a huge project and the step forward for the cleaner, more sustainable and plastic-free world. 💚

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