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Learning DAOs — How to own your learning

We’re going meta this time (the good old kind of meta, not the verse:) and we’re sharing DAOs that teach people about DAOs.

Learning DAOs (a term coined by Crypto, Culture, and Society) are built on strong communities while they also provide the foundation for web3 through courses, learning materials and events. What is special about these initiatives is that students learning through these DAOs also earn ownership and will have a say in the direction of the learning organisation.

In the meantime, the learning ecosystem in web3 is evolving rapidly. Services are sprouting to ease the use of web3 applications, e.g. DAO Masters is helping to manage DAOs or Mirror, an essential toolkit for sharing and funding anything in web3 is swiftly gaining popularity.

Platforms like Scribe emerge that summarise crypto articles to facilitate knowledge sharing, while a new scheme, learn-to-earn is also gaining popularity with examples like that is rewarding students for learning web3 development skills with NFTs and cryptocurrency.

In general, a best practice to learn more about these organisations is to join their Discord channel and explore all available resources linked there.

Invisible College

Invisible College is a learning DAO that gives learners the skills, network, and opportunities to make an impact by using web3.

In a nutshell

  • A school owned by its students: By giving students ownership, they can co-create a new type of learning organisation that will deliver transformative outcomes for everyone involved.
  • Courses: They are co-creating a library of self-serve courses that will help members build NFT collections, DeFi protocols, blockchain games and DAOs.
  • Community: community-based learning groups help members explore web3 topics like DeFi, NFTs and DAOs.


Odyssey is a learning DAO creating quality web3 education. They offer different learning paths from basics of Web3, NFTs or DeFi to explaining how to break into web3.

In a nutshell

  • Learning: They are building quality education free from scams and misinformation for the crypto curious.
  • Community: The learning is supported by a thriving community of product managers, designers, engineers, and other builders passionate about web3.
  • Accessibility: The guides, courses as well as joining the community are free of charge.

Crypto, culture & society

Crypto, Culture & Society (CCS) is a learning DAO hosting workshops, electives, and other programming for its members with the goal of exploring the impact of crypto on culture and society. They are a liberal arts school built on crypto to critique the role that crypto plays in society. The CCS community includes technologists, creators, community builders, educators, and lifelong learners.

In a nutshell

  • To participate, members have to own tokens. Token holders get to participate in live discussions with authors and experts and get a full seminar-like in-class experience. All content otherwise will be released publicly for anyone to follow along.
  • All token-holders receive an NFT to certify and commemorate their involvement with this movement that integrates online learning and crypto.
  • Token holders will be able to vote on aspects of the syllabus and funding.

Mission statement

Dream DAO

Powered by Civics Unplugged, the Dream DAO invests in the future of the web3 x social impact ecosystem by providing diverse Gen Zers around the globe with the training, funding, and mentorship they need to leverage the power of web3 to secure a brighter future for humanity.

In a nutshell

  • Fellowship for civic innovators: they run a 4-month leadership development programme — the Dream DAO Explorers Program — for 15–20-year-olds seeking to build the future of web3 x social impact.
  • Community: The Dream DAO cultivates an empowering, intergenerational community and offers a range of learning + mentorship opportunities that help young people gain confidence and experience at the intersection of web3 x social impact.
  • Content and events: They create and share original content and events that get young people and potential supporters excited about web3-powered civic innovation.



RabbitHole helps anyone learn how to use and contribute to decentralised apps while allowing users to earn tokens based on their on-chain activity.

In a nutshell

  • Quests: RabbitHole partners can reward users with unique tokens or rewards for interacting with their smart contracts and protocols.
  • Skills: Users can choose between 6 different skillsets to learn, the more you learn and know about the domain, the higher the chance you will be qualified for a quest and can earn tokens.
  • Projects: Once a user acquired the necessary skills, they can join and work on different projects by RabbitHole partners.

Did we miss some interesting new projects? Send them in the comments below!



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