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We’re launching our Impact Shakers online community!

With Impact Shakers, we have been working on and building new parts of our vision for the future over the past few months. After starting our venture studio and working with the first companies, we feel ready to launch the next piece in the puzzle we call the Impact Shakers ecosystem: our online community for impact entrepreneurs.

To be honest, we have been planning this launch for a while and we didn’t foresee to do so in this changed world. Who would have thought that online would become the only place for community building for the time being? Yet, we hope this will allow us to connect even more on what gives us purpose and we can use this to build ambitious impact companies supporting each other virtually.

Expect a community where you can find allies, connect to other impact entrepreneurs, and learn from shared insights.

Find Allies

Strengthen your business by connecting with others. Find allies, partners, mentors, advisors, and connect over shared values.

Expand Your Knowledge

In our knowledge hub, we host regular webinar series and online courses. Learn about growing your business and how to do this in a way that integrates new economic thinking that aligns with your values. Connect and learn from other pioneers in value driven entrepreneurship.

Grow Your Business

Pitch your products & services to each other, become partners, customers, or ambassadors for one another. Most networks don’t allow selling on their platform, we encourage it. In the end, we all want to grow our businesses, so why not do this within a context of like-minded entrepreneurs.

With this online community, we want to create a space where any impact entrepreneur or aspiring impact entrepreneur can join and grow. It is to become a space where anyone, no matter where you live or what your background is, feels supported on their journey into impact entrepreneurship.

It is a thoughtfully designed space encouraging interaction and support. The design is merely a starting point from which we take off together and further build on together. The space is dynamic in nature and allows for new people to enter and add to it, for others to leave, but to leave behind their footprint, a coming and going, and joining of minds. A space for entrepreneurs should be in flux as their businesses are in constant flux as well. We want to be the chameleon space adjusting to its members and moving with them on the rhythm of their changing needs.

It will be your community, we are mere facilitators/catalysts/jumping cables for those already ignited but eager for that extra spark that is fueled by connection.

We will carve out our own space where you can nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and intellectual curiosity together with your peers in a quest for making a change.

Find your place in a community that focuses on pushing forward in the real world as well as on the intellectual planes. It shall be a place for discussions & learnings, but also a bazaar to buy and sell from other value driven entrepreneurs. It will be a place where you can propel each other forward and ask each other hard questions. Sharing hardship and success.

Join a place where we embrace complexity, go down rabbit holes, and celebrate unbirthdays.

The first wave of entrepreneurs will be invite-only, but you can apply now to join the curated Impact Shakers community in the next wave of admissions this Summer!

Apply here

Any questions?




With Impact Shakers we help to build and scale stronger ventures tackling complex societal challenges through entrepreneurship. We want to bridge the gap between impact and profit, make entrepreneurship more diverse and create alternative financing.

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