“My friend told me that he wants to kill himself.”

“What am I supposed to do without exposing his desire to harm himself?”

Recently, a follower of my Periscope and Videos contacted me with this question.

“My Friend, who is close family friend as well, my whole family knows him, told me that he is depressed and wants to kill himself. He doesn’t want anyone to know because of how they will look at him. What do I do?”
If you are considering and thinking about suicide call the National Suicide Hotline. They are there to help you find another way that leads to longer and happier life.

First and foremost, determine if he is serious about this plan. Does he have a plan to kill himself? Does he have the means? Does he have a weapon, a gun, a knife, or a bottle of pills or what not? The best thing that one can do is to call 9–1–1 in the United States and tell them that this person is carrying out a plan of committing suicide.

Now, if they are not serious about their suicide attempts and desire.

Many people will threaten or speak, “I am suicidal” I want to die” I want to kill myself” and not act on it. Treat them all as very serious and push the point to be sure of there

Now, if they are not serious about their suicide attempts and desire, keep in mind where all language is based upon in the first place.

All language that is spoken is, at it’s very root, based on a need of love and significance to others and to that person’s own self.

So, each person is different in how they would like to be loved and how each person wants to be seen as important.

This is true, correct?

So, this is why I asked you before, “How can you show him, that he is loved and is also significant to you, in a manner that would be paramount and unique to his needs?

Also, suicide is a messy ordeal and most people who say, “I want to kill myself,” to another human being are looking for help, love and understanding. Sadly, this makes them repeat the phrase more and more because the only time that they feel the most frequent resets blushed moment of being loved and feeling important is when they are expressing their depression and their will to die.

Do you understand this yet?

More than anything, all person want to be heard without the listener forming an opinion of them before they are understood. They are lacking this in their life, show them you care.

Most of human behaviors is based on a secondary gain. Not to say this is the case with your friend. I know nothing of him, except that which have shared with me. That is not enough for me to give him advice.

Still, know that the very reason, that he is reaching out is that he gets something out of it.

So why not give him what he “gets out of being suicidal and talking about it with you” before he feels this way again? Why not be proactive with your love and concern for him? Why be reactive to a problem that you know will come up again and again?

He is your friend after all and not the oil in your car that needs changing every so often or it ruins your car.

You have to do more to show love to a person than a car, this true, correct?

So why not show that to him? Also, he is responsible for himself and he must realize that he is in charge of his life and his thoughts and his mind and this is why he is also in charge and responsible for his results.

By you trying to take responsibility and control of his results, you are also taking away some of his personal power as well.

Now, could you love him so much, and admire him as an important person so much, and still grant him the personal power of deciding his own fate in way that benefits him, benefits you, and the environment around you both?

Would you want to?

About the Author,

Adam Goodson

The founder and head hypnotist at Impactful Changes Hypnosis of San Diego has been studying hypnosis since 2008 and leading clients to change since 2010.