The 14 Laws of Success and Persuasion

The First Law of Success is this,

“Respect for the other person’s model of the world.”

As hard as it maybe for most of the very politically correct American person to have respect for the behavior of a racist or hateful group of people as the Westboro Baptist Church as being a group of people who are worthy and deserving of respect for how they view their model of the world, it is very true.

When you can respect someone else’s model of the world you can understand them at a higher and more effective manner than anyone else is. You can generate a deeper and genuine form of rapport from this place of understanding.

When you can do this in an extreme case, you can do it with anyone and it is life changing for them as well for yourself.

The First law of Success in Video!

The 2nd Law of Success is written with a focus on what behaviors and change are graded upon.

“Behavior and Change are Evaluated in terms of Context and Ecology.”

Behaviors can come and go for little to no reason in the eyes of an inexperienced observer.The context that the behavior was acted upon with is important.The Ecology around the behavior is important as well.

The most valuable form of behavior and change are the types of behaviors and changes that are Not just good for the individual person , but also a change and behavior that is beneficial for others around that individual and the environment that they share together.

This is the original meaning of the term, “Making it a Win-Win-Win Scenario.” If it is good for you, good for others, good for your environment, then it is a good change and is ecologically sound.


Shocking as it is to feel this words shouted at you as you see someone freak out on you but perhaps you did not have enough rapport with this person? Perhaps this is someone that you would rather not be in rapport with at all?

The 3rd Law of Success teaches

“Resistance in a person is a sign of a lack of Rapport.”

Sometimes in life we are not connected with others in a healthy, honest and ecological manner and it is felt by others or we feel it by them towards us. It can be a type of intuition or a repeated pattern that we have taken on in our lives to learn a lesson from, but it is a sign non the less.

If you are coming from a place of not being responsive to another person in a manner that is congruent and true, you will lose rapport.

Leaders and Heads of state are able to create Rapport very quickly and effectively and because of this they are setting the agenda for many, just as you can do when you learn how to generate instant rapport.

The 4th Law of Success,

“People are not their behaviors. Accept the person. Change the behavior.”

Change is simple and it is very easy to do. People just think it is hard, or rather they’re so fragmented and broken apart from who they once were that they can not control themselves at times. The Human experience is a painful one until it is accepted as a fact of life.

You will get sick. You will get old. You will die. This is a fact.

Notice that you gained a life and you lost a life. During that time you were a person. Unique. Individual. Special. Rare.

Just like everyone else.

Once you realize that you can change in your life you can help others.

Once you understand that beyond our bodies, our behaviors that we all have a unique and individual spark of humanity inside of all of us.

The spark in me is in you as well, and we can choose to change when ever we are willing to do so, right now, we think of change as being hard or painful in our society.

It does not need to be.

People are not bad for being angry or sad or guilty.

Just like a young man who proposes sex with a woman and she rejects him, how is he to react? If he rejects her because of her behavior, fine but try to re-approach her by accepting her as a person and not on her behaviors.

This idea can be used for all human to human interactions and beyond.

Law # 5 of Success is simple,

“Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available.”

Ever notice the homeless man on the street speaking to himself and covered in filth. It may be hard to view or to think of this Law of Success effecting even him, but reflect on this with love and empathy.

He is doing the best that he can with the resources that he has available to him.

View a popular politician on your television. Respected and despised by several different people and parties or groups, and he still is succeeding or perhaps failing, he is also impacted by this Law of Success.

Understanding this is crucial as you move through the world because they are looking to be accepted and understood by others, or just someone. Give them a break and understand that they are doing the best that they can with the resources that they have, just like you are.

Speaking of you, can you give yourself a break from your reality yet with this new learning? Why not?

The 6th law is important to all persons,

“Calibrate on Behavior: The most important information about a person is that person’s behavior.”

If you were to remove all of your degrees and certification, who would you be? What if you removed your bank accounts? Car? Home? Friends and Family?

Are you still the person you were before? What if you lost your legs? Your arms? All of your limbs?

As strange as if may be to ponder, what would it be like for you to remove your possessions and to witness your body dissolve and disappear in front of your very eyes and to become only a single stream of constant thoughts and feelings?

This is who you really are, as well as everyone else around you.

Everyone filters reality through thoughts, possessions,emotions and beliefs. These filters hide our true selves from others. Know that everyone else has these filters as well in their lives.

Look deeper and connect deeper and find out who you really are and them as well. Calibrate on that and know that no one is ever their behavior(s), yourself included.

Here, the 7th Law of Success bluntly describes nothing but the truth,

“The Map is not the Territory.”

This realization is experienced in life mostly when a student is in school and is told by a teacher, “Now, when you are done with school, this is not how they do it in the REAL WORLD and you need to behave properly now so you an make money and be successful in life!”

I am so sorry to inform you, if you have not been informed yet, that the MAP THEY GAVE IS FUCKED UP!

Sure they wanted what is best from you but the moment that you got in to the “Real World” you realized that the way adults act or treat each other is a lot more like how they behave on the playground and not how they act in a math class.

So explore! So learn! Play and have fun and be loving with sense of truth and courage that no one can deny! The playground is more fun for everyone when you do this!

The 8th Law of Success is an important one for individuals who are not able to accept responsibility for their place in the life that they had chosen.

“You are in charge of your mind and therefore your results.”

No one else is to blame, judge or to hold accountable for the results in your life. You could had read more books, worked out more, talked more to girls, asked for more money and raises, or even slept in more or ate more doughnuts and burger kid, or sat alone in your room while looking at forums notes and field reports.

Not Nature nor Nurture, but rather you are a Product of the environment and reality that you are choosing to accept.

You are responsible to yourself no one else is responsible for you, unless you wish to submit your own will to obey a master who which to enslave you and use you as they wish.

The 9th Law of Success teaches us that

“People have all of the Resources they need to succeed and to achieve their desired outcomes.”

If you truly consider it, or even imagined a person who was a lot like you or almost exactly like YOU, where in the same situation as you are, what would they do? What would a normal well adjusted person do if they were in your position?


Change and control and maintain your states and you will be tapping into a whole new sense of human super powers, you can do this!

The 10th Law of Success places an obscure thought,

“All procedures should increase Wholeness.”

If you are coming from a painful and fractured point of processing your world it will be difficult to make decisions that are fulfilling and meaningful.

Become more wholesome and have a better life.

How do you know for certain that you have achieved this? When you no longer have dilemmas or overwhelming amounts of choices, the path has became clear and it s not just the path that you have chosen but the path that you were seeking for so long.

The 11th Law of Success states,

“There is ONLY FEEDBACK, not failure!”

This law can be seen in the Pick Up Community and in Sales when a person has an extreme case of Outcome Dependency. Meaning, “Yo Man! Shit ain’t supposed to be like this!”

Many times in life, things just do not work out the y way we intended. It happens to all of us! MAny people only focus on the successes of other and not their many failures.

Reggie Jackson, “Mr. October” is in the Baseball Hall of Fame for the Most Home Runs in History, he is also in the Baseball Hall of Fame for being Struck Out at the plate the most times.

Stop focusing on the failure and more on the feedback, on the crack of the bat, the cheers of your followers and audience and on that big home run that you are, just about to, hit!

The 12th Law of Success is,

“The meaning of Communication is the Response you get.”

The many different factors in communication. Volume, tone, pitch, speed, body language.

Calibrate on your results not on assumptions. Then, start becoming more creative!

The 13th Law of Success states,

“The Person with the Most flexibility of behavior will control the system”

There is so many different layers and varying depths to take this but Bruce Lee said it best, “Be like Water, my friend, Be like Water!”

The 14th Law of Success states,

“All Actions in life should be Designed to increase choice.”

So if we are pitching someone a product, or a service, or an offer to partner up and have crazy sex with, we would want to have choices in the matter.

If you had one, single choice in life, you would be a fucking robot. Who wants to be a robot? NOT ME!

If you had only 2 choices in life, you would be in a dilemma! I hate having to chose between to awesome choices or two shitty choices! It is frustrating!

Now, when you have Three of more choices in life, that is being empowered and creative! Find your choices in life and get as any as possible!

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