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What is NLP?

Simply put, in only one sentence, “NLP is the language of the Mind.”

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.

It is the Brain and Body and I would conclude that your Mind and Brain are two very different and similar things. We will explore that further later in the trainings that we will do together.

Yet, when you speak out out loud, in your own language and choice of words about an event or a memory that took place in your life, ask yourself, is that event happening again in reality or is it merely being retold and revisited by you and in your own thoughts, beliefs and emotions?

A short story that I tell people that I train and do sessions with is from my days as a United States Marine when I was learning how to navigate myself across terrain with the use of a map and a compass. Which is an activity and a challenge I rather enjoy to this day.

The Marine Corps Sergeant, that was instructed us all in my platoon, told us, “Remember, the map is not the terrain. The map is merely a representation of the physical reality of what you are navigating across and through.”

This made a lot of sense as that the map did not show trees, or trucks or light poles or where I was on the map. I had to figure that out on my own.

The same is to be said about our minds. The language that we use is a type of map that we use to experience and relate with in reality. NLP does not change reality yet rather it changes the manner that we process and experience reality. This action in itself, is what it takes to change reality for a person or several persons.

NLP is a tool box filled with several tools and techniques and possibilities. A person can, just like any person that needs to have a house built can hire a carpenter or a home builder or they can learn how to build their own home and learn as they go and educate themselves.

This is a choice that we all have in life. If you don’t want to change the oil in your car, that is fine, take your car to the car mechanic and pay them to do so. They will do it faster and easier than you are able to and with less mess. I am sure of it.

The same is to be said of NLP. You may hire an NLP Practitioner or a Master Practitioner to assist you and to help you along with a change in your life. There is another option, much like the mechanic with the oil change and the home builder. You can learn to do it yourself and it will be time consuming and it will be messy for a bit until you get the full hang of it and understanding of it.

Both ways are good and correct and fine. Yet, know that there is a difference in amounts of time, energy, and results with each.

What is NLP?