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#5 impact Weekly Bulletin

We can’t believe that February is almost over.

While the crypto market is not in its best moments, and we are all overwhelmed with a new war beginning, we need to celebrate the good things more than ever! It gives us hope to keep going and to believe in a better future for everyone, everywhere.

Between ups and downs, we keep doing our best to overcome all challenging situations for the continuous evolution of our protocol and, why not, for our evolution as human beings 💙.

If you’ve been following impactMarket on our social media networks and here through our impact Weekly Bulletins, you already know it was an intense month for us.

In case you missed anything, in this edition, we highlight also the main news from this month.

🔦 We started February in the best way: impactMarket joined Celo’s initiative DeFi for the People and, as a result, we are offering triple rewards for those providing liquidity to the PACT — CELO pool on Ubeswap. Get your rewards now!

New listings: $PACT token is listed on the DEXs Ubeswap, Sushiswap, Symmetric, and Pancakeswap, and available in the bridges Optics and Multichain!

Additionally, we are partnering with the market maker, who will assist us to get listed and building liquidity in more DEXs and join CEXs soon.

We were delighted to onboard new mission-aligned partners: Celostrials 👽, ChinChilla Gang 🐭, and ImmortalDAO (△,△)

🚀 We also recently onboarded new team members, as you could read in our latest bulletins, enabling us to grow quickly and consistently. Not a coincidence, in February we reached more than 26 thousand active beneficiaries in more than 160 communities in 30 developing countries! You can always follow our results in our Global Dashboard.

Be our guest

The main things our team has been focused on this week, from February 21st to 25th:

$PACT Token

  • Besides the listing efforts previously mentioned, we’ve been also planning special PACT Perks to be given to our team members — to be announced soon. As if working with an inspiring purpose wasn’t rewarding enough 🤩

Product Development

  • PWA: The first features will be available at the end of March and we can’t wait for them!
  • We mentioned our CMS in the previous weeks and we are happy to share that it was successfully integrated into our website! It brings more efficiency to publishing updates and also to deploy new languages.
  • Also, we are moving forward with the UBI Committee, and our subDAO is being developed to fasten the process of creating new communities.
  • Our team keeps working on the UI Library, with components that can be used in different applications, leveraging efficiency and consistency.


  • Continues to support all the growth efforts and the new PWA that will be launched at the end of March.
  • Worked on how the UBI Committee will approve communities + all the necessary flows for community submissions and approval notifications.
  • Added support for ambassadors to add/remove managers from their communities.
  • All onboarding materials in 4 languages (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish) are now completed.


  • Have you ever thought about how challenging it is to bring a new blockchain solution to your country, especially where the crypto adoption is still in an earlier stage? It requires persistence, patience, resiliency, and hard work. This has been the case for most of our new ambassadors and they are doing just great, overcoming all challenges and onboarding many new communities! They are our rockstars! 👏
  • In the next few weeks, one of the NGOs we work together in Venezuela, Fundación Jireh, will organize a special event empowering small entrepreneurs to sell their products to beneficiaries using mainly cUSD as a payment method. More information about the event will be shared soon.
  • In India, we’ve been proceeding with the mass onboarding of beneficiaries in partnership with NGOs. The contribution of these local partners has been key to boosting our growth and engagement in India.
  • We are in conversations with Bitssa aiming to improve cash out in Nigeria, where we are also quickly expanding our reach to different regions of the country.
  • Also about cash-out options, we are currently checking USSD integration solutions to be implemented in Uganda.

Partnerships, Grants, and Marketing

  • We’ve been working on several applications, including for UNICEF and for the Brazilian Central Bank. Do you know any application that could boost impactMarket’s efforts and impact? Share it with us at
  • LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! 🎞️ We just finished a mini-documentary focused on one of our communities in Brazil and the result is just beautiful! Soon it will be live on all of our networks and you will have the chance to get inspired as well.

Another week is finishing and it was especially a hard one. Stay safe, and optimistic, and let’s keep being the change by supporting those who need it the most.

🇺🇦 We are actively searching for organizations and individuals in Ukraine in order to start our first community in the country and to provide assistance ASAP for those who are suffering due to this critical situation. In the case you know any, please contact us at

Besides “bears” and wars, we keep doing our best and believing that WE ALL GONNA MAKE IT #wagmi

Would you like to contribute to any of the discussions we had this week?

Any questions, you can reach out to us on our social media,,, or directly by emailing us at More information on the DAO features and protocol roadmap will be shared soon.

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impactMarket (the application layer protocol)
impactMarket is an open, free, censorship-resistant, and borderless impact-driven crowdfinance marketplace to fight poverty. It operates as a DAO, on top of the Celo network, using $cUSD (Celo Dollar) as the main digital currency and $PACT as its governance token, while running autonomously through smart contracts.

impactLabs (the company)
impactLabs Lda, based in Portugal, was founded in Nov 2020, by Marco Barbosa, Bernardo Vieira, Afonso Barbosa, and eSolidar. The company is focused on building inclusive and decentralized systems to fight poverty, disrupt access to finance while driving DeFi adoption.




impactMarket enables any vulnerable community to implement poverty alleviation mechanisms, like Unconditional Basic Income.

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impactMarket enables any vulnerable community to implement poverty alleviation mechanisms, like Unconditional Basic Income.

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