Mapping the world in unprecedented detail

The Esri 2020 Land Cover map, created in partnership with Impact Observatory and Microsoft.
The Mekong River Delta in southern Vietnam, seen in the 2020 10-m LULC map. Here, you can see dense lines of built area, which are villages built along roads and irrigation canals. The central and northern areas are dominated by rice paddies, while the water further south represents aquaculture ponds.
The greater Seattle area, as seen in the 2020 10-m LULC map, is surrounded by the snow capped Cascades. This region is dominated by dense forests, which give way to scrub/shrub in the rain shadow of the mountains, which can be seen in the eastern portion of the image.
Melbourne and Eastern Victoria from the 2020 10-m LULC map. The city on Port Phillip Bay is surrounded by crops and grass to the northwest and southeast, with Yarra Ranges National Park to the northeast, which is home to kangaroos, wallabies, and over 100 species of native birds.



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