Impera World — Developers’ Manifesto

Bohdan Melnychuk
Jun 29, 2018 · 4 min read
“The only chain is a blockchain”

Today we are witnessing the birth of a new technology that can drastically change our world as have computers and the World Wide Web. The name of this technology is blockchain. Nowadays only a handful of people can imagine what blockchain can do for humanity, and even fewer people understand how it works. But just about 25 years ago email was a rarity, and now it is used by everyone.

We decided to contribute to the popularization of blockchain technologies by creating an environment where comprehensive testing of ideas of a decentralized society is possible. For simplicity’s sake, we think this test environment should begin with the most primitive model, devoid of modern public superstructures. Therefore, we decided to start with the first civilizations, when the institutions of public administration were just emerging, and to embody this environment in a multiplayer strategy game. That is how Impera World (Impera) was born — the world’s first DMMORTS (Decentralized MMORTS).

In Impera, each player is the ruler of a separate settlement and similarly to the games of this genre the player gradually evolves by building own economy and by waging wars with other players. However, unlike in other games — the most important aspect of the game is diplomacy built entirely on smart contracts, it is extraordinarily flexible and makes the game so realistic that no other game can match this thrill. This revolutionary gaming principle will now introduce a completely new level of experience in gaming and we decided to call to it UGSC, or User-Generated Smart Contracts. Players can build their own relationship algorithms by creating and entering into smart contracts with each other: forge diplomatic agreements, swear allegiance to one another, unite, form states, build entire empires with custom hierarchies and laws that can fall under the pressure of internal intrigues if these laws prove to be ineffective. Everything is possible in Impera!

There are no NPCs in the game; players make agreements exclusively with each other. Thus, one of the most useful skills will be the writing of effective smart contracts in order to impose one’s own conditions on other players. For example, it is not necessary to regularly plunder your weak neighbors, simply have them sign a smart contract for tribute payments. Such contracts can be created from a position of strength and itself become a really cool exercise in conniving and real life like planning! You can go further and get tributaries to sign an oath of allegiance, and then they pledge to support you in external wars. In the end, you will have formed an early feudal state with the power and integrity of which deal guaranteed by smart contracts instead of papers signed in “blood” or leaving your kids as collateral for a royal word.

With this one example in mind it becomes clear that nobody, including us, can know in advance how exactly the game world of Impera will develop. Over time, smart contracts will become more complex, because players will need to balance between concentrating power in their hands and avoiding possible uprisings of subjects. We are sure that the best management models created inside the game will serve as a prototype for the real world.

We respect the idea of true decentralization and plan to implement the project on the principles of the DAO. All game mechanics are in the blockchain. There is no single control center. The game is completely controlled by the community. All key points are always widely discussed. Every major new innovative iteration will generate a fork update. There is no administration here that will try to sell you an unlimited number of “premium artifacts”. In Impera, there is no administration at all!

In-game resources deserve special mention: they are all ERC20 standard tokens and can be bought and sold on external exchanges. Thus, if there is a shortage of some resource, the player will be able to buy it from others at any time. And this, of course, will affect the value of the corresponding token. Therefore, all players benefit from the investment of real money in the game. We call such an approach the “horizontal donation system”. This is how true decentralization works!


Blockchain technology opens up new opportunities, not only for the business sector, but also for computer games. We believe that the easiest way to bring this technology to the masses is through games. Our goal is to show how first statehoods were formed, banking and monetary systems evolved and impacted societies. We want to give the players an unprecedented ability to build their own efficient relational models backed by smart contracts with ultimate ability to project virtual world success into the real world.

We hope Impera World will become the cradle of smart contracts for the future crypto utopia!

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