Introducing Manapp

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk you about an exciting idea I have kept in my mind for almost 3 years. And today that idea has a name: Manapp

Initial logo for Manapp

A small background

Manapp’s concept was born in Argentina, when I was doing some IT stuff in a company where a friend of mine was working on. They were using a very old, ugly and hard to use ‘management software’. Everyday I was withess of the pain that users were suffering when using it.

I knew that all the operations they were doing (between the software and Excell sheets), they would be able to do it in a website, in an easier and better way than the current one.

That’s how I took the decision of building a fresh website, mobile and user friendly, where anyone can manage company stuff, such as employees, job positions, production orders, calendars, maybe a chat, maybe anything.

The original idea, nowadays

That been said, I can start telling what do I have today:

Manapp is a management web application that will allow users to create, manage and join to different companies, and organice their stuff.

Why a webapp? Because this will avoid folder-permissions’ issues, it’s gonna be always updated, no need an ‘in-place maintenance, no need installation, accesible from any device and no need of ‘native APIs’.

Landing page | List of companies where the user is joined

It’s based on modules, so any company manager can enable/disable those modules, and use (and see) only those modules that are relevant to the company.

Any company will have its own module configuration, so if you switch from company A to company B, the module’s list that you’ll see will be updated.

Company profile | Company settings (enabled modules tab)

What has been already developed?

With that concept in mind, the ‘things’ that you could manage are infinites. And according to that, I have a bunch of modules in mind. But let’s focus on what it is already coded.

Currently existing features: Landing page, register/login/logout, about, pricing, contact, company selector, company profile, company settings, user profile, user account, feedback and roles module.

Company settings (notifications tab)

As you can imagine, what I have is a kind of MVP. There are a few things that I need to fix on backend (related to roles module, the last stuff I developed) before I launch Manapp v0.1.

What’s next?

Next week I’ll start working full-time, so I won’t have too much time to develop new features. I will code mostly after work, or weekends, so development is going to be slow.

Next features in the roadmap: Payment methods (Probably I will talk about bussiness model in a future post), Progressive Web App stuff (cache, push notifications, etc), legal pages, company positions module, employees module, and more…

Role details

I hope the idea sounds interesting enough to keep tracking more news about this new project, or even give me feedback about your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!

Rafael Pérez García

Written by

Full-time Frontend Developer


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